Charleston Cash Home Buyer Launches 3-Step Fast Cash Home Buying Program announced the launch of their 3-Step Fast Cash Home Buying Program beginning 6/15/21. More information can be found at

Charleston area home sellers looking to sell their property a better, faster and easier way vs listing with a traditional realtor will soon have a new option with Fast Charleston House Buyer. Currently buying property directly from homeowners for cash in Charleston, Dorchester and Berkeley County, the company releases details of their new and exclusive 3-Step Fast Cash Home Buying Program not currently available from anyone else.

The 3-Step Fast Cash Home Buying Program is designed to appeal specifically to Charleston, Dorchester & Berkeley County SC Residents and includes:

1. Fast, fair, & all-cash offers on local property within 24 hours or less. – This feature was included because homeowners in the Lowcountry are seeking a faster, easier, and simpler way to sell their property vs listing with a traditional real estate agent. No more showings, waiting for offers, contract fall-through etc. This is great news for sellers as they now have an all-cash fast closing option to sell their property without any of the typical real estate sales guess work.

2. No Realtor Fees, No Attorney’s Fees, No Closing Costs & No Appraisal Fees. – The program is designed to break the usual mold of Realtors & The Traditional Home Selling Process of nickel and diming sellers throughout the process with fees. The 3-Step Fast Cash Home Buying program costs $0, has no fees or commissions, and Fast Charleston House Buyer even pays the seller’s closing costs. Sellers who opt for this service should enjoy this feature because sellers can end up with more money in their pocket by avoiding thousands of unnecessary fees.

3. Sell property instantly without any more repairs or thoughts about the property. They will buy the property without any additional repairs meaning no painter, no carpet installer, no roofer, no AC repair man, no handyman, and no contractor to repair that deferred maintenance. Fast Charleston House Buyer made sure to include this as part of the exclusive 3-Step Fast Cash Home Buying Program in order to streamline the process and make the sale of the home easier for the homeowner.

Traditionally before the 3-Step Fast Cash Home Buying Program, the problem for sellers is most people when looking to buy a home on the open market want a “turn key” home ready to go without any repairs. The reality is that most homes do not exist in this “perfect” state of turn key all the time. In fact, getting a place touched up or fixed up is quite a bit of work and can be very costly.

Fast Charleston House Buyer aims to make the process simpler and easier where one would not have to worry about any of that and yet still receive a fair offer on the property. This will alleviate a lot of stress and time wasted where the homeowner could be spending that same time with family and friends or working earning money vs money going out the window on repairs. Why spend weeks on repairs and thousands of dollars for a sale when one can just sell it today for the same price without any of that?

Garrett Bean, when asked about the Cash Home Buying in Charleston SC and the new 3-Step Process said:

“ is a local Charleston based home buying business that has been investing in Charleston, Dorchester & Berkeley County since 1978. The business has maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and a 5-Star Rating on Google as well. The 3-Step Fast Cash Home Buying program was specifically designed to take out all the stress, fees, and annoyances in selling a property. Make a call or visit the website and a no obligation written offer will be presented within 24 hours or less. Simple as 1-2-3 and that was the goal”

This is the latest offering from Fast Charleston House Buyer and Garrett Bean is particularly excited about this launch because the exclusive 3-Step Fast Cash Home Buying Program provides the highest possible offer on homeowner’s property in 24 hours or less and is done in complete transparency in writing.

Those interested in learning more about Fast Charleston House Buyer and their 3-Step Fast Cash Home Buying Program can do so

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