Charles Leaver Ziften CEO Announces Joining Lancope’s Technology Partner Program

By recently joining Lancope's Technology Partner Program, Charles Leaver Ziften CEO, states that the Ziften solution now delivers the "Last Mile" network visibility of enterprise endpoints

Ziften CEO Charles Leaver recently announced that they have joined Lancope’sInnovation Partner Program to provide last mile network presence of theendpoint, completing the picture of end-user context and attribution on theendpoint for network security specialists.

Zflow ™ is the endpoint network data collection feature in Ziften’ssolution. Combined with Lancope’s StealthWatch System, the Ziften technologyenables enterprises to obtain the last-mile network visibility including thecontext and attribution of who, what, and how endpoint network connections weremade. This greatly allows ventures to improve their security posture and helpto protect their track record.

Lancope, Inc. is a leading company of network exposure and securityintelligence, supplying sophisticated, context-aware security for optimalthreat defense. By collecting and analyzing NetFlow, IPFIX and other kinds offlow information, Lancope’s StealthWatch System assists companies quickly finda wide range of attacks from APTs and DDoS to zero-day malware and insiderhazards.

Ziften’s Zflow ™ complements Lancope’s StealthWatch System by offering lastmile network exposure into the endpoint. Zflow adds endpoint context andattribution to network information for a side-by-side drilldown of network andmatching endpoint internal activity from a unified security console. Thiscorrelated viewpoint offers boosted situational evaluation including:

Designation of the accountable endpoint process and its particularcryptographic hash value, file course, and variation metadata

Identification of logged-in user with procedure owner attribution

Clarifying context around user activity and foreground engagement/disengagementwith the liable application

Dramatic benefits consist of fast triage of network security notifies withaccelerated early response and vital situational awareness by enterprisesecurity staff. All without the needless hold-ups and disjointed analysessuffered by conventional unlinked toolsets throughout an endpoint/networksecurity divide.

“We are enjoyed be thought about a crucial partner in the Lancopeenvironment, helping to finish the picture from NetFlow to the endpoint device andprovide the context and attribution required to give enterprises truly constanttracking and detection combined with big information analytics to recognizesigns of compromise for innovative risks”, stated Charles Leaver, Chief ExecutiveOfficer of Ziften.

“In today’s world of constantly-evolving security dangers and attackvectors, collaboration between best-of-breed technology carriers is vital forassisting consumers stay a step ahead of destructive danger stars,” statedChristopher Smithee, Business Development Director for Lancope. “Weanticipate working with Ziften to provide our joint clients with detailedsecurity context for safeguarding their details properties from advancedenemies.”.

About Ziften.

Ziften Open Presence and knowledge offers a more safe and secure environmentby delivering actionable analytics for any user gadget across the enterprise.Ziften extends existing security, System management, and event trackingdevices. It delivers crucial open knowledge of any enterprise endpoint,enabling people to run their company in a more effective, intelligent, and secureway.

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