Charity SEO Expert Non-Profit Digital Marketing Consultancy Services Launched

Community Funding Strategies, a marketing consulting agency specializing in custom solutions for charities and non-profit organizations, announced a complete range of SEO, e-commerce marketing and mobile services for charities looking to implement effective digital marketing strategies.

As part of its efforts to provide non-profits, charities and other organization with high-quality digital marketing and fundraising solutions, Community Funding Strategies announced a complete range of consultancy, training and mentoring solutions. The company helps charities improve their marketing efforts by implementing effective SEO, e-commerce, mobile marketing and various other strategies.

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Recent years have seen the growing importance of digital marketing for organizations throughout the world. Surveys show that more than 90% of all consumers have used a mobile to find information on products, services and events. Leveraging digital solutions, such as mobile, has become essential for overall marketing success.

Community Funding Strategies is a marketing consultancy group specializing in helping charities and non-profit organizations implement effective and sustainable digital marketing practices.

The company provides effective SEO services to help organizations promote their events, websites or fundraising campaigns. Community Funding Strategies put together a team of SEO experts and marketing specialists to create custom Google strategies to help charities improve their ranking for relevant keywords.

By partnering with more than 300 media groups, the company also offers charities an effective means to spread their messages to a worldwide audience. Clients can have their campaigns featured on prominent media platforms such as CBS, NBC, FOX and many others, thus leading to improved reputation, higher market reach and overall superior Google ranking.

Charities can also contact Community Funding Strategies for complete e-commerce consultancy. Setting up an e-store is an effective means of improving fundraising efficiency while also promoting various charitable causes.

Mobile marketing services are also available, Community Funding Strategies offer professional assistance with developing mobile friendly websites, creating a mobile app, and implementing effective mobile marketing campaigns.

As well as offering full-service digital marketing solutions, the company also provides marketing training and mentoring.

The recent services are part of the company’s efforts to help charities and non-profit organizations of various sizes increase their marketing effectiveness.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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