Charcoal/Kaolinite Skincare Mask And Men Swimwear – Summer 2022 Kit Launched

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Adonis Arcana, top online retailer of skincare products for men, has launched a new Limited Edition Collaboration Kit with men's swimwear designer Wanderlife.

The new kit, offered for a limited time only, includes a full-sized Ideal Skin Mask and a swim brief from Wanderlife. The swim brief is offered in a solid black design with lettering on the back or a printed version with a black background.

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The release of the limited-edition kit provides men with the perfect combination to prepare for a time at the pool or beach in the warmer months ahead. The company’s core mission of fostering healthy and inclusive views of masculinity is supported by the release of this new kit, along with additional skincare products created just for men.

According to Vogue Business, early 2021 showed a record high for the sales of skincare sets for men, with a 30% increase from the previous year. Men’s interest in skincare is projected to continue increasing in 2022 as the importance of maintaining the health of this largest organ of the body comes to the forefront of a conversation.

Ideal Skin Mask, as part of the limited-edition kit, is designed to remove excess oil and built-up skin impurities. It can be used on the face, as well as the body. The formula uses kaolinite and charcoal for cleansing, and properties of poppy seed and rose for immediate soothing. The mask can also be used once a week as an overnight spot treatment for troublesome blemishes.

In addition to The Ideal Skin Mask, the company offers moisturizers and shadow correctors. The shadow correctors serve as a light correcting filter that will improve under-eye darkness and sharpen beard and hairlines. This product is offered in five different shades. A sample kit is available along with a complimentary virtual session to assist the buyer with personalized choices.

Natural ingredients are used in the skincare products. Strawberry, a natural aphrodisiac, also promotes elasticity of the skin. Calendula is used to soothe irritated skin, especially after shaving. Pomegranates are used for their powerful antioxidant properties. Roses assist with skin regeneration and tone correction. Additional information on ingredients is provided on the site’s blog.

Adonis Arcana, inspired by the Greek myth of Adonis, was created to help men look and feel their best, with a safe and natural product line that protects and nurtures the skin. The company promotes diversity and the empowerment of individuals.

Social responsibility is a core value, and a percentage of proceeds is given back to the community to support the needs of others. Animal testing is never used, and the company offers a recycling program for its products. The company strives to redefine masculinity as a complement to femininity, rather than its opposite.

A satisfied client stated, “Game changer. I use the products before all of my Zoom meetings, and I look great.”

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