Change of Address Online Receives Remarkable Feedback For Streamlined Process

There's no doubt at all moving can be one of life's more stressful experiences. The good news is that a new service, Change of Address Online, is offering significant help by delivering moving assistance including finding movers, changing utilities and updating moving addresses and more.

Experts agree, moving can be one of the greatest causes of anxiety a person or family can experience. One of the causes of this great stress is making sure a long list of responsibilities are complete, like mail is forwarded properly, a quality moving company is hired, utilities are switched off at the old address and switched on at the new home. Just one mix up can cause substantial headaches and frustration. Answering the call for help in this area is the online service who offer, for a one time fee, professional help in a long list of areas needed to have a successful move, like dealing with USPS requirements to make sure mail isn’t lost, coordinating affairs with the utilities and banks, suggesting and working with the right moving company, sorting things out with the DMV and much more. The company recently celebrated the positive feedback they have received from diverse customers across the entire country.

“We saw a real need that needed to be filled and knew we could deliver great value to our clients,” commented a spokesperson from Change of Address Online. “We couldn’t be more pleased with the response to our services.”

According to the company, they only charge a one time fee of $20 for their services, which many would consider a small price to pay to both free up time and remove worries on one hand and to be much more likely to avoid moving administrative complications on the other.

Customer feedback continues to be positive across the board.

Michelle S., from Boston, recently said in a five star review, “This is the second time I’ve moved in three years. As a single mom it’s a major stress and my first move was a disaster. This time around I used Change of Address Online and things went much more smoothly. Fully recommended and worth at least three times what they charge.”

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