Change Anxiety Relief PTSD Coping MP3 Audio Training Course Launched

Energy MDT, a self-help and personal growth material development company, launched energy activation collection of mp3 recordings on the topics of anxiety relief, creativity stimulation and PTSD recovery. The recordings cover topics ranging from creativity development to PTSD recovery, doubt release and sexual abuse recovery.

EnergyMDT, a company specializing in self-help and personal growth material development, launched a new energy healing activation collection of mp3 recordings on the topics of anxiety relief, creativity stimulation and PTSD recovery.

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As the rhythm of everyday personal and professional life increases, few people find enough time to deal with their past traumas, assess their emotional well-being and develop essential skills such as creativity or ability to relax. As a result, more and more people look for professional self-help and self-development courses.

Most such courses come in print or video form, which might pose some challenges to those looking to complete them. As lack of time is what mostly motivated people to look for self-help solutions in the first place, it is unlikely that they will be able to complete such time-demanding activities like reading or video-watching.

The solution is a completely-audio self-help material. EnergyMDT launched a wide collection of mp3 recordings designed to stimulate creativity, help with anxiety and stress relief, and encourage people to recover from past trauma.

The nature of the mp3 recordings makes them suitable to start a daily routine of “me” time and focus on what it is that is required to change that which is hindering personal advancement now. Each recording ranges in length from 10 to 15 minutes, and the topics cover issues such as creativity development, joy stimulation, novelty embracing, doubt release, guilt and shame coping, as well as PTSD and sexual abuse recovery. As they are not particularly volume-sensitive, they can be listened to at low volumes, and they can also be played at loudspeakers as a backdrop for daily house chores.

Due to the specific sounds being played on each individual recording, operating heavy machinery or driving is not recommended while listening to any of the EnergyMDT self-help MP3s.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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