Chandler AZ Neuropathy Treatment/Nerve Pain Relief Non-Surgical Services Updated

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Chandler, AZ - Dr. Patrick Sartz, DC (480-556-1358) updates his natural treatment for neuropathy. The treatment reverses the symptoms of nerve damage without surgery or medications.

Dr. Patrick Sartz, DC of the Neuropathy Treatment Center of Arizona announces that his FDA-cleared natural neuropathy treatment has been updated for residents in Chandler and Tempe. Dr. Sartz is known for helping people with nerve pain find relief without medication or surgery.

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The newly updated service features the latest research and technologies in natural neuropathy treatment. Dr. Sartz says that the medical condition can be treated without pharmaceutical drugs or expensive surgeries. Instead, he has crafted a treatment program that naturally reverses symptoms using Nobel Prize-winning concepts.

Neuropathy is when the nerves become damaged and trigger an increased sensitivity to pain, among others. Typically, those with nerve damage experience a tingling or prickling sensation in their bodies, and even a permanent numbness in the limbs.

The prognosis for neuropathy varies on its severity, although medical doctors state that the condition can generally be reversed with the right treatment. Nevertheless, Dr. Sartz argues that the treatment need not be expensive or synthetic.

The doctor has made it his mission to find a safe, natural, and effective treatment for nerve damage. His search began when his mother was diagnosed with the condition. Since then, and for the next 20 years, he has researched the best natural methods to treat neuropathy without surgery or injections.

His FDA-cleared treatment can reduce the common complaints of neuropathy in a few months. Further, because the plan is completely natural, there are few to no side effects and zero chance of substance abuse.

As part of his updated treatment, patients can schedule a complimentary neuropathy consultation with him. This allows them to speak with Dr. Sartz personally, know his natural treatment plan, and decide whether they wish to pursue it.

Dr. Sartz says, “Standard neuropathy treatments have not changed in over 40 years, yet the greatest advances in treating it have occurred in the last two. My mission is to bring these treatments to the forefront and help more people relieve their pain without medication, surgery, or injections.”

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