Chandler AZ FDA-Approved Neuropathy Treatment For Peripheral Nerve Damage

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As sedentary lifestyles, poor nutrition, and an aging population continue to increase the incidence of central nervous system disorders, the Neuropathy Treatment Centers of Arizona (480-556-1358) announces an expansion to its pain relief solutions for nerve pain sufferers.

The Mesa, AZ-based neuropathy clinic has launched an updated care program designed to provide pain relief for clients via non-invasive and medication-free approaches.

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The clinic’s latest announcement details a range of benefits for people suffering from numbness in the feet and hands, muscle weakness, paralysis, urinary dysfunction, sexual issues, increased sensitivity to touch, and tingling or burning sensations as a result of nerve impairment.

According to Everyday Health, neuropathy is not a single health condition but, in fact, an umbrella term for a range of health problems related to damage sustained to the peripheral nerves. While there is no cure, specialist treatment can help sufferers manage their condition, enabling them to lead active and fulfilling lives.

Most commonly, people suffer from damage to multiple nerves. Known as polyneuropathy, this can affect the sensory, autonomic, and motor nerves. Neuropathy Treatment Centers of Arizona’s expanded program can provide clients suffering from sensory and motor nerve impairment with improved stability, balance, and mobility.

Many neuropathy patients suffer from disrupted sleep owing to pain and discomfort. The center’s treatment programs can help improve the quality of nightly rest—a vital part of managing any health condition.

Diabetes is another precipitating factor in the emergence of chronic neuropathic symptoms. High levels of blood sugar are particularly damaging to nerve endings in the feet. The Neuropathy Treatment Centers of Arizona ensures that patients can manage these side effects without the need for medication, injections, or surgery.

About Neuropathy Treatment Centers of Arizona

The clinic is located at Suite 14, 2150 S. Country Club Drive in Mesa, AZ. Its dedicated team offers clients an initial consultation without charge, helping nerve pain patients manage their conditions in the long term through advanced, FDA-approved treatment protocols.

A satisfied patient says, “7 weeks ago I could hardly walk. Now I don’t have any kind of pain, everything feels great.”

With its latest launch, the Neuropathy Treatment Centers of Arizona continues to make a pain-free future a reality for clients throughout Tempe, Tucson, Chandler, and Mesa.

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