Champaign IL Agricultural Automation – Custom Control Panel/PLC Service Updated

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Xtreme Automation (785-285-8288), a family-owned and operated business based in Champaign, IL, has updated its automated custom control panel service offering for the agricultural sector.

The company, which specializes in designing and building custom grain handling and storage systems, now develops efficient, reliable, and customizable control panels for a range of industries, including agriculture.

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Employing Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) programming, Xtreme Automation’s updated services enable the company to develop stainless steel and fiberglass custom control panels in all 50 states, for a wide variety of industries, including irrigation control systems, solar automation, chemical mixing, and fertilizer controls.

Technological advances have transformed modern agriculture. Farm automation, or “smart farming”, improves farm efficiency by automating the crop or livestock production cycle. PLC smart control panels – now much smaller and more user-friendly than older units – can be used in agricultural, industrial, and food processing sectors to operate machinery where heavy-duty automation is required. Increased productivity through automation boosts yield and manufacturing rates, lowering consumer costs.

Xtreme Automation builds control panels in a tightly regulated environment, following strict procedures to ensure that they satisfy all UL requirements, are tested for optimum functionality, and are correctly packaged and sent. All bespoke control panels come with site-specific schematics and all wires and devices are labeled.

The entire purpose-build process is documented with photos and the customer typically has a touch screen that can be accessed remotely to ensure there are no problems. The indoors and outdoors of every custom control panel developed at the company are categorized with easy-to-examine engraved labels. The firm maintains 40,000 square ft of environmentally managed workspace, allowing it to scale projects in accordance with the customer’s requirements.

Xtreme Automation offers a one-stop resource for manual control and complete automation systems for farmers and factories in the agricultural sector. Cutting-edge technology helps the company build, program, and test its systems with maximum efficiency, enabling them to match or undercut competitor price points. Backed by a team of 75 specialized engineers, the firm works hand-in-hand with its customers to determine the best technological solutions to meet their needs.

One customer commented: “We are highly satisfied with Xtreme Automation’s pricing and comprehensive services, but especially with their professionalism.”

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