Chamber of Commerce Membership Seeks B2B Entrepreneurs for Beta Test Opportunity

Entrepreneurs looking for a business product to address successful B2B lead magnets for lead generation and more qualified sales by giving away AllChamber Network memberships. The Chamber of Commerce Network provides early authority founders access and additional income streams for you business.

BETA Distribution Licensee Program Founding Distribution Licensee, Darrell Miles has a limited number of beta slots available for B2B, Entrepreneurs interested in Chamber of Commerce Membership. Their new product Chamber of Commerce Network is being built from the ground up and the company is seeking feedback from qualified candidates. The New Cloud-Based Chamber, says it was designed to be so “irresistible” that virtually every business person would want one. It does not matter where a business does business to become a member.

AllChamber offers the first decentralized, cloud-based Chamber of Commerce. Their business model breaks down barriers such as no physical location needed (dramatically cutting their overhead expenses), No special qualifications to be a member, NO fees to be a member (just a small payment to cover processing the order). No per-employee fees. No manuals or CDs to clutter the office. No meetings to attend. No Financial Documents Required. No Learning Curve. No Bureaucracy. No Red Tape and Non-Political. Plus, members get an immediate Chamber of Commerce AAA+ Rating for their business.

Interested potential beta testers can find out more about the product by visiting one of their websites:

Darrell Miles has plans to incorporate several sought after features, including: Targeted lead generation to implement BETA marketing, lead generation software, sales techniques to showcase the evergreen platform, website templates for online promotions and email marketing scripts to promote success for BETA Testers.

BEAT Licensees give away free premium chamber network memberships – A great lead magnet system that helps eliminate costly local chamber memberships.

Members receive business marketing tools – The online chamber network provide access to over 50 business marketing tools and services to it’s members to help promote their businesses.

The Chamber of Commerce Network offers an AAA+ Rating – Members receive AAA+ Rating they receive for their business is immediate and never fluctuates.

Selected beta testers will be expected to give feedback on these features, by giving the Chamber Network memberships for free for lead magnets, as well as other planned functionality. Chamber of Commerce Network has a small $7.95 processing fee for free membership used to cover their administration & overhead costs, maintenance of each account, full-access to everything, ongoing support and updates for an entire year.

DARRELL MILES, CEC and Founder of A.C.E Media Publishers, ACE Referral Marketing,, is eager to find the right match between The Chamber of Commerce Network and small business owners, B2B Entrepreneurs. In particular, professional entrepreneurs who understand the value of chamber memberships.

“Darrell Miles is looking for practical feedback that will allow the company to make specific improvements to The Chamber of Commerce Network. In exchange, B2B, Entrepreneurs will receive discounted priced access to the product throughout the beta period. The company is also considering a special incentive plan to reward these early testers with special lifetime pricing and other benefits for helping to shape development.”

Qualified beta candidates can find out more and apply directly on the website,

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