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The 7 Chakras Root to Crown products which are available for sale on Amazon, will be joining an Lightning Deal promo on Jan 24th.

The 7 Chakras Root to Crown products which are available for sale on Amazon, will be joining an Lightning Deal promo on Jan 24th, 2018 from 5:40am to 11:40am eastern standard time.

An Amazon lighting deal is when Amazon features a specific product for a limited time frame at a big discount. This is a great opportunity for Chakras Incense & Essential Oils sets to not only gain exposure on the Amazon platform but also a great opportunity to gain more loyal buyers. These Amazon lightning deals are promoted by Amazon’s website through emails and featured on the website in a special “Deals” section.

The Chakras Incense and Essential Oils set are used by yoga and reiki enthusiasts alike. Both sets come with 7 different aromas especially formulated to align with the seven energy centers of the body. The Essentials oils can be used in a bath, in a diffuser, or could even be applied on the skin for a massage or for aromatherapy.

What makes Chakras Incense different?

Chakras incense sticks are made according to Ayurvedic tradition. This means that every incense stick is prepared based on the foundations of a health-care practice that is over 5,000 years old. Every ingredient found on every incense stick was chosen to perfectly harmonize with the energies and flow of every chakra.

Unlike other brands, that use chemicals that are harmful to the body and soul such as charcoal, lighter fluid or alcohol, Chakras essential oils are never weakened which means they are perfectly aligned to the particularities of every chakra.

Chakras incense may look like products from other brands; however, every characteristic of these products is purposefully aligned to respect the Earth and its bounty. This is the reason why every incense stick is made with eco-friendly bamboo, environmentally safe raw materials, recyclable packaging and even biodegradable plastic bags.

“I highly recommend this incense above all others for anyone who is on a spiritual journey,” wrote Jackie, a Chakras Incense fan and a meditation enthusiast. “This is my favorite incense. I chant the mantra that comes with each chakra scent before lighting the incense to help me become centered for my yoga and meditation sessions. During the sessions, if my mind wanders, I focus back on the sent to come back to the present.”

Both Chakras Incense Root to Crown Set and the Chakras Essential Oils Set are available on both and

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