Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional Salary – CEBP Course Report Release

The new BlockExplain industry report has been released, detailing how, though the use of courses like 101 Blockchains, developers can become blockchain certified easily.

The newly updated report focuses on courses in blockchain technology and implementation, with up-to-date information on the available tools and programs needed to maximize efficiency. Students will also learn the ways in which blockchain interacts with or intersects the traditional business sector, and how that relationship may evolve in years to come.

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The report has been published to meet the growing public and professional interest in blockchain tech training. Receiving this training is imperative to breaking in to the burgeoning DeFi community and beyond as blockchain applications continue to evolve.

Mainstream interest in the blockchain has absolutely ballooned in recent years. Over two-thirds of banking establishments are currently working on cryptocurrency and blockchain integrations for their preexisting systems.

Business analysts predict that the growth of this technology will be exponential, meaning that getting in early and staying on the cutting edge will be a potentially lucrative career strategy for years to come.

With this in mind, the 101 Blockchains course is an essential part of any prospective developer’s career. The course provides a series of increasingly specified modules, beginning with blockchain basics and narrowing to applications, and then eventually exploring individual technologies and systems that can be used by blockchain devs.

Graduates of this course will find that over the four weeks of training, they will become fully versed in all aspects of the modern blockchain landscape and qualified to develop their own blockchain-based project, be it in the DeFi space or otherwise. New technologies are cropping up every day, so staying on top of the curve is essential for any developer.

Students will also receive bonus training material and email guidance from a qualified instructor along with their enrolment in the weekly course. Upon graduation, students are presented by a certified printable diploma of certification and LinkedIn accreditation for their accomplishments.

101 Blockchains offers a free beginner’s course to get started which can be taken over 4 days to familiarize potential students with the concepts in the full course. From there, students can enroll in the full course and find themselves receiving preferential treatment from some of the largest tech companies on the market thanks to the certificate they receive.

To learn more, visit https://blockexplain.com

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