Certified Creative Coach Lori D. Carlsen book signing: Arrowhead Christian Store

The Coach Training Academy announces a book signing: Sat. March 18, 2017 at 11am at Arrowhead Christian Store, Johnson City, NY. This signing features a talented life coach graduate, Lori Carlsen author of “My Father’s Greatest Gift: Life Lessons from a Black English Labrador Retriever”.

The Coach Training Academy announces a special book signing event on Saturday March 18, 2017 at 11am at Arrowhead Parable Christian Store, 1 Harry L Drive, Johnson City, NY USA. This book signing features one of their talented life coach graduates, Lori D. Carlsen author of “My Father’s Greatest Gift: Life Lessons from a Black English Labrador Retriever”. This is an opportunity to meet with the author, discuss the books purpose, message and motivation for being written. Copies will be available for purchased and can be signed by the author.

“My Father’s Greatest Gift,” is a true story, as narrated through the eyes of a Black English Labrador Retriever named Chert, whose purpose is revealed in this story. In his own words, throughout his fourteen years of life, Chert Dog comments that “…doghead is pretty easy to learn, you just have to speak from your heart.” This velvety black, with chocolate accents English Labrador Retriever came into her father’s life a few months after the unexpected death of their mother. It touches on the Slovak ethnic background of the family, hence his name Chert, which means devil! He shares his triumphs and escapades as well as his life’s mission. With a “doghead” slant on wisdom and his purpose, the story’s main theme is about the power of unconditional love and forgiveness. Each chapter begins with noted scripture verses to read from the Bible in relation to the context of each chapter.

The author Lori D. (Marchell) Carlsen, CCC, AFAA, Reiki II, is a certified creative coach who graduated from The Coach Training Academy, a coach training school accredited by both the ICF (International Coach Federation) and CCA (Certified Coaches Alliance). More information on Lori can be found by visiting her feature page.

Lori has been published in the “More Than Survivors newsletter” and took part in The Institute of Children’s Literature Program as well as being published on TUT.com blog about her near death experience.

“My Father’s Greatest Gift”: Life Lessons from a Black English Labrador Retriever is her first book with the candid cover photograph of the narrator of the book, Chert, an English Labrador Retriever.

Lori’s passions encompass reading, writing stories, art, photography, dance, yoga, Pilates and piano. She has also facilitated several workshop presentations since her coach’s certification through The Certified Coaches Alliance, on a growing series of topics with the message of her life. The importance for people to have a balanced life: meaning the alignment of mind, body and spirit.

Lori looks forward to meeting all the folks attending this special book signing event and will certainly share her experience of providing coaching services to others.


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