Ceramic Dog Planter For Succulents – Pug Mom Pot Home Decor/Gift Item Launched

WG Wholesale Inc. subsidiary brand Keep on Planting, the company’s online lifestyle and accessories retailer, is announcing the launch of their handcrafted Pug Planter Pots. Designed for dog lovers and gardeners, the unique pup-shaped ornaments add color and whimsy to indoor and outdoor spaces alike.

The newly launched Keep on Planting Pug Planter Pot can be purchased as a holiday gift for friends and family members or used for future birthdays, Mother’s Day celebrations, and other gift-giving occasions. Affordable and well-crafted, the planter pots are suitable for succulents, plants, cacti, and flowers.

More information is available at https://www.amazon.com/Pug-Mom-Gifts-Lovers-Women/dp/B09LVYVCKQ

The launch of the Pug Planter Pot offers gift-givers the chance to surprise their friends and family members with a beautiful addition to their homes and gardens. The reusable clay ornament bears an uncanny resemblance to the beloved pug dog. It features the classic pug pup facial detailing and a plump tummy area designed to hold the plant.

According to the American Dog Kennel Club, the pug dog is the 28th most popular breed, a statistic that is attributed to their affectionate dispositions and irresistible charm. Despite possessing many of the qualities of larger dogs, pugs are considered a toy breed, leading many to describe them as the dog version of the Latin phrase “multum in parvo”, which means “a lot in a little package.”

According to the Keep on Planting retailers, the pug pot is one of the best dog mom gifts for pug owners because they add a nicely themed splash of color and playfulness to patios, office desks, kitchens, and pathways.

All pug pots are painted in two-tone and feature a headband of clay flowers that stretches from ear to ear. Each pot measures 5.2 x 5.3 x 3.9 inches and is outfitted with padded paws to protect delicate tabletops and other surfaces.

A company representative says, “Do you have a pug person in your life? Are they hard to buy for? Well, look no further than this perfect pug planter pot, a sure bet for anyone. Add an adorable little friend to your office or table with these gifts for the dog lover and gardener in your life.”

With the launch of their dog lovers’ Pug Planter Pots, online retail brand Keep on Planting is giving their customers an affordable gift idea, and a reason to stock up on a unique home or office accessory they can have on hand for any upcoming gift-giving occasion.

Visit https://www.amazon.com/Pug-Mom-Gifts-Lovers-Women/dp/B09LVYVCKQ to find out more.

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