Ceramic Coatings Are The New Buzzword in Automotive Detailing

The best part about these ceramic coating products. They're easy to use on your vehicle's paint and finishes so you don't need complicated tools or extensive knowledge when applying them!

Ceramic coatings are the new buzzword in automotive detailing. They provide an even, lasting finish that’s better than wax for preserving your car’s paint job and protecting it against environmental damage like salt air or UV rays – but how do they work?

A car’s paint is a delicate and expensive asset. It needs to be protected from the elements, which will eventually fade or peel away if not treated with care. Natural waxes were once used as protection against sunlight but they have been replaced by synthetic sealants that offer better clarity and resistances. Ceramic Coating Technologies provide longer-lasting high gloss finishes while maintaining UV resistance over time.

The shift from single stage paint to two-stage was a major turning point in the automotive industry. As early as mid 1970s, car manufacturers began switching over their paints due to its increased durability and longer lasting qualities compared with older formulation which were only served by one coat coverage systems.

That clear coat is also the first thing that scratches and oxidizes. In order to protect their car from all sorts of weather, people have been using conventional waxes for years before we even had two-stage paint finishes like today’s cars are known for which give them not only a shiny super glossy exterior but more importantly can keep it safe against harmful elements and UV damage.

It’s a good idea to protect your car from the sun, but did you know that it can damage paint too? UV light only accounts for about 10% of sunlight hitting Earth. It will turn clear coat or painted surfaces into dull chalky messes with oxidation if left unchecked! Waxing and using protection products such as paint sealants are important in order keep these contaminants off our finishes while also keeping them safe by providing a barrier against those harmful rays.

Ceramic car coatings are not new either – it has been estimated that people were using this technology for 1000s of years. Craftspeople realized the potential of firing or baking sand and clays containing silicon to create much harder pottery than they would have otherwise when wet from being air-dried; Silicon molecules crosslink with oxygen (Sio2 ) in these materials under high heat conditions which makes them stronger.

We looked at the range of products from Detail Medic, a manufacturer who specializes in ceramic coating. These coatings are designed to protect your car’s finish by making it more resistant against scratches, scuffs and UV damage; they also add a showroom shine like no other! One product that we found intriguing was their Total Boost 15% Ceramic Coating Spray which works great by applying a microscopic layer of ceramic on the top clear coat of your paint. Thereby helping to protect it from water spots, sunlight, and other contaminates.

Detail Medic’s ceramic coating solution contains two main parts: Ceramics, silanes and siloxanes. It is applied to the surface of your car in a similar way you would apply a liquid spray wax, but instead these Sio2 molecules bond with your paints finish as they become polymerized! As the coating cures, it becomes harder than diamond and super hydrophobic so water and other contaminates won’t be able stick too long to your car’s clear coat

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