CEO of Property Owl Group of Companies Kosi Stobbs Writes Guide to Wealth

Kosi Stobbs pens F$CK BROKE: LET’S GET RICH, a financial manifesto to building wealth, attaining affluence, and reaching the top money earners in North America.

CEO of Property Owl Group of Companies Kosi Stobbs penned F$CK BROKE: LET’S GET RICH, a manifesto to limitless success and attainable affluence so anyone can become a top money earner in North America.

The book gives any entrepreneur an opportunity to take what Stobbs has learned and apply those lessons to their own life. F$CK BROKE: LET’S GET RICH is a way for Stobbs to mentor a budding business population. With mindset shifts, powerful how-to’s, and practical action plans, he’s confident that anyone can join him at the top after reading this.

“I have no problem saying I’ve reached the top percent of richest people in North America, “ Stobbs writes in his guide to affluence. “But there’s plenty of room up here for everyone.”

F$CK BROKE: LET’S GET RICH is a memoir that allows Property Owl Group of Companies CEO Kosi Stobbs to be the mentor to any entrepreneur’s first million. He acts as a guide to financial freedom by exploring income streams that anybody, no matter their background, can tap into.

About Property Owl Group of Companies:

Property Owl Group of Companies, founded by multiple-eight figure earner Kosi Stobbs, is a diversified portfolio of companies that Stobbs has created long-term growth opportunities for. With a commitment to every company he obtains, Stobbs puts an emphasis on maintaining company culture while still exploring avenues of growth and change necessary for entrepreneurial expansion.

About Kosi Stobbs:

Kosi Stobbs is an entrepreneur and real estate investing mogul. His wealth is diverse — owning multiple seven and eight figure businesses and investing in millions of dollars worth of real estate over the past fifteen years. He now has a willingness to share his financial success with the world. He’s since been named Canada’s Top 40 under 40 and Vancouver’s Forty under 40 in 2020.

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