Centrelink Rent To Own TVs & Electronics Alternative Service Launched

Australian company Easy Payment Options launches its television rentals service that caters to Centrelink clients who are unable to make upfront payments.

Australian company Easy Payment Options launches its television rental service for Centrelink clients. The offer serves as a more affordable way of acquiring TV sets and other goods for Australians who are unable to make full upfront payments.

More information can be found at: https://easyrentoptions.com.au/centrepay/tv-centrelink/

The newly launched service provides Centrelink clients with a better alternative to buying old and cheap TVs or resorting to loan sharks to purchase brand new sets.

While the government prohibits “rent to own” set-ups where Centrelink clients are guaranteed to own goods after their rental contract expires, Easy Payment Options is able to offer suitable rental services for said clients after establishing that they’re unable to make payments upfront.

In such cases, the clients enter a rental contract where they can offer to purchase the goods when the agreement expires. Traditionally, the value of the goods post-contract are minimal—often $1.00—or the rental company decides to gift the goods to the clients.

For more information see: https://youtu.be/Caj8tbwyf2Y

To further assist Centrelink clients, Easy Payment Options employs a simple application process. Clients just have to select from the various options for television sets and other goods on the company’s website. After making the selection and continuing the application process, the company notifies the clients of the application results within a few hours.

Easy Payment Options also allows clients to request goods that are not listed on their website. Clients simply have to indicate the retailers or suppliers of their choice during application, and the company will get in touch with the sellers and make the necessary arrangements to acquire the items.

As with any other financing options, clients need to meet certain criteria to qualify for the application. Generally, however, the Easy Payment Options only requires that the applicants be of good character and able to comfortably make the payments stated in the contract terms.

Centrelink clients interested in the TV rental options by Easy Payment Options may visit the above-mentioned website for more information.

Easy Rent Options is a business name of CTR Rentals Pty Ltd which holds ABN 44 010 413 215 – Australian Credit License 388677.

Release ID: 88960044