Centennial Cosmetics Unveils Express Product Development Program (EPD)

Centennial Cosmetics unveils the Express Product Development Program (EDP) in order to better help clients looking to rapidly create their own branded cosmetics line!

SUNRISE, Fla. — South Florida based Centennial Cosmetics Corporation has established a new Express Product Development Program (EPD), which will allow their clients to quickly bring their brand ideas to the market before their competitors.

With this new system, Centennial will offer their clients the ability to choose from a wide variety of existing formulas and in-stock containers to custom design their products quickly and easily. This program also caters to clients of all sizes, the minimum amount of products to start with is a mere 500, and just as easily for those with large budgets to start right away we can easily create hundreds of thousands of products very rapidly.

The CEO of Centennial Cosmetics, Pat Riley, announced the Express Product Development Program (EPD). “We are proud to offer this groundbreaking new system to our clients. In today’s high speed world, time is money, and we are dedicated to setting our clients up for success. We are confident that our EPD program will do just that. We have over 40 years of experience for our client to rely on, there’s something to be said about successful longevity!” Riley said.

Centennial’s cosmetic chemists, production coordinators, and product specialists will guide their clients through each of the three simple steps to achieving their goal. The three steps in this process will include the client choosing a formula, picking a container, and selecting a label design. Centennial will then handle the rest of the packaging process.

Centennial Cosmetics also allows their clients to design their own products if they wish. Centennial’s scientists and cosmetic chemists will work with the client to incorporate the right ingredients into the type of product they want.

Centennial is dedicated to turning their client’s vision into a reality using pharmaceutical grade quality ingredients, FDA approved acne and SPF sunscreen certified products, ultra premium stock formulas, and paraben-free formulas.

For more information about Centennial Cosmetics’ Express Product Development Program, call (954) 541-5511 or email sales@centennialcosmetics.com.

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