Celo vs Ethereum – DeFi Cryptocurrency Market Predictions 2021/2022 Announced

Celo Laser has released their latest price comparison and prediction for the first quarter of 2022. The report compares the Celo token to other popular cryptocurrencies, focusing mainly on Ethereum.

In the new report, the authors seek to clear up any misconceptions investors may have about the Celo token, and to celebrate the unprecedented market growth the token has experienced over the course of the past year.

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The article, which contains the newest price comparisons from the last half of 2021, is an authoritative source of news for Celo investors especially. By comparing Celo to stablecoins, it is possible to get a more accurate gauge of the state of the market this year.

As a token, Celo was established as an offshoot of the Ethereum blockchain, but has now carved an entirely independent niche for itself. The purpose of the Celo project is to create a mobile-focused financial management platform on the blockchain, with the ultimate goal of making investment and financial literacy more accessible.

The report details how the tools created by the Celo project have been able to blossom in 2021, and how cross-pollination between the Celo development team and the main Ethereum project have been able to partially achieve this initial goal. The main focus of the report is to emphasize the cooperation that has taken place between the two networks, as opposed to the competitive relationship many currencies have with one another.

Another main point made by Celo Laser in this report, though, is to distinguish between the two currencies. The resource examines, for instance, the different operational protocols which govern the networks allow for Celo to be mined more efficiently than Ethereum.

As a point of comparison, the stablecoins that have been created on the Celo network are also discussed here. While the Ethereum network is self-contained and each component of the network is internally verified, the Celo blockchain is verified against cUSD and cEUR, stablecoins which track the value of the US dollar and the euro respectively. This system results in lower transaction fees.

Overall, the goal of the report is to bring Ethereum investors into the Celo community by emphasizing the similarities between the two tokens, and also by exploring the compatibility that is shared between the two networks.

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