Cellular Rejuvination From Raw Cacoa Drink Mix The Chocolate Loving Athletes Ideal Nutrion Recovery Solution

The Carlsbad 5000, known as “The World's Fastest 5k” and health expo, runs March 28th and 29th. For more information about MitoXCell, go to www.mitoxcell.com and for race info go to http://runrocknroll.competitor.com/carlsbad-5000

Cellular rejuvenation from rich dark chocolate may sound to good to be true, but local Carlsbad company , MitoXcell has formulated the newest break-through in super food discoveries and they will be sharing it with participants at this weekend’s Carlsbad 5000.

Local super food creator, MitoXCell will be participating in this year’s Carlsbad 5000, which has just been named by Competitor Magazine as the number one “Must Do’ race in the United States. The Carlsbad 5000 is a favorite among fitness enthusiasts and consists two days of races and activities for racers.

The weekend includes a juniors run on Saturday and an “All Day 20K” as well as the 5K on Sunday, March 29th. Participants and visitors will also be treated to a Health and Fitness Expo both days, where competitors and participants can explore fitness and wellness products. Carlsbad’s own MitoXCell, a raw cacao super food product will be sampling the dark chocolate drink, giving participants a first taste of the brand new cacao-based recovery endurance drink that has been proven to grow mitochondria in cells while also boosting metabolism for novice and professional athletes alike.

Beginning March 28th with a Health Expo and Junior’s race the weekend continues with the 5k and “All-Day 20K” on Sunday, March 29th. MitoXcell will be on-site both days sharing the new recovery drink and giving racers a chance to win free product.

MitoXCell, which was created with UCSD’s Mitochondria expert, Dr. Guy Perkins, is vegan, gluten free, and dairy free and can help racers recover from muscle fatigue while also improving heart health and overall wellness.

MitoXCell ‘s own race team will be running in the Carlsbad 5000 and treating attendees to tastes of the delicious chocolate drink “The results have been incredible with athletes who have been using MitoXCell consistently and the company is eager to share this product with racers this weekend.

Mito-E has been developing MitoXcell with the highest quality ingredients. The formula is proven to help with endurance and recovery, which is perfect for runners and all types of athletes” said Fred Siaosi, COO of MitoXCell.

While recovery drinks are plentiful at 5k races, few boast the huge fitness and health benefits of MitoXCell, with ingredients that are completely natural and backed by clinical studies that prove its effectiveness.

Carlsbad’s 5000 and Expo weekend promises to deliver the best products available for health enthusiasts who are looking for the new ways to maintain their fitness and wellness.

MitoXCell’s formula has been tested on local pro athletes and elite runners and has been proven to improve endurance and recovery during training and races. At the Carlsbad 5000, also know as “The party by the Sea’”, seasoned athletes as well as those who are new to running and fitness will have an opportunity to meet with local creators of MitoXCell and taste the formula in person.

“The Mito-E team is really looking forward to sharing MitoXCell at the Carlsbad 5000; it’s a great opportunity to show off MitoXcell with the community and to hear feedback from athletes who can benefit from it most.

Mito-E is really proud of this formula and have seen amazing results from the athletes that use it consistently as part of a well balance nutrition and fitness regimen. All varities of athletes can benefit from this blend”, said product developer Courtney Engelman.

“MitoXCell’s Carlsbad roots make this event extra special to the team who released MitoXcell in the beginning of the year.”

The Carlsbad 5000, known as “The World’s Fastest 5k” and health expo, runs March 28th and 29th. For more information about MitoXCell, go to www.mitoxcell.com and for race info go to http://runrocknroll.competitor.com/carlsbad-5000

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