Cellphone Accessories Plus Launches Summer Phone Cases And Best Earphones 2016

The team at Cellphone Accessories Plus is thrilled to announce the launch of their newest set of cellphone accessories that are perfect for females who are sports enthusiasts and fond of collecting phone accessories, and males who love being exotic when it comes to tech.

Kuala Lumpur – July 1st, 2016 – The team at Cellphone Accessories Plus is thrilled to announce the launch of their newest set of cellphone accessories that are perfect for females who are sports enthusiasts and fond of collecting phone accessories, and males who love being exotic when it comes to tech.

Cellphone Accessories Plus has released their newest store attraction in the form of workout and non-workout earphones with cool and trendy designs handy for casual use. Apart from cool earphones, phone cases are also in high demand today with the continuing evolution of phone models such as Samsung Galaxy and Iphone SE cases. Cellphone Accessories Plus has also launched their fresh collection of cheap phone cases made with amazing features and designs.

Their recent release of earphones and decorative phone cases are said to be made with intricate designs and durability, specially made for people who engage in sports and exercise, as well as in social activities.

Also, in the mind that earphones are widely used by most teenagers and young adults of this 21st century generation, Cellphone Accessories Plus has made it possible for sports enthusiasts to own extraordinary high-tech earphones that are very convenient to use in any physical activities.

Before someone buy accessories online especially for Apple iPhone, it’s important to think through about must have items to make the smartphone pack the coolness factor. Most people consider the following to be the most important accessories:

Headphone or Earphone

For the earphone portion, music is a relaxing escape for people while keeping themselves busy working out. What they need are earphones that can adjust and adapt to the strenuous activities, like exercising, running, cross fit or weightlifting.

According to Elton Kuah the CEO of Cellphone Accessories Plus, the earphones are highly durable for workout use and the LED light-up phone cases are perfectly designed for deejay playing music in dark.

If someone is using a smartphone while driving, Bluetooth headset instrument is necessary, as he or she can simply tap a certain button while the contraption is in the person’s ear. This will allow the person drives safely with both hands on the steering wheel and not putting their life in danger.

USB Travel Charger

One of the disappointing quirks of a smartphone is that it runs out of power juice too quickly. For iPhone owners, the task is easy because iPhone chargers are pretty standardized. But if it is Android phone owners, the type chargers will be different, depending on what kind of Samsung model owned. In this sense, it is always better to be prepared for crunch time, and to have least two chargers for avid travelers.

Phone Case or Cover

For phone cases, some features to look at should include is the durability and toughness of the case as there are issues with the mobile communication device is exposure to water. When someone accidentally drop their phone in water or caught out in the rain and the phone is in their pocket, it will be automatically damaged unless being covered with a water proof case.

Also to note is the most vulnerable parts of the phone are the corners, the edges and the screen as the phone may rub against other objects in the person pocket or tables where the phone is placed. During shopping for phone cases, the person must check out to make sure the casing bought will protect these vital areas.

For maintenance tips to keep dirt off the phone cases to make it long lasting, the best way to clean them clean is with good leather / conditioner and adding baby oil or moisturizing lotion (disclaimer noted that the leather colour may be faded with regular maintenance of this method, hence it is not important note is not to buy both combination types of conditioner and moisturizing lotion together. The maintenance method is useful especially for IPhone 5S and iPad Air leather case.

For the case IPhone 6 SE and Samsung lovers are said to be the luckiest of them as the new set of designer cases that can handle the protection and maintenance issue highlighted.

For the perspective of online buyer evaluating of which online store that can fulfill their needs, the authenticity of the products and the website’s product range are the first two features to look into. Cellphone Accessories Plus usually have a list of the brands that they represent, and explanation of return policies and privacy terms and condition in the company website.

To ensure that of selection of best earphones in 2016, phone case and charger accessories are in the needs of the market, the Cellphone Accessories Plus team are offering some of their exclusive products, on their free product exclusive offer section, where they would only pay for the shipping fee to get the products shipped to their doorstep.

About Cellphone Accessories Plus

Cellphone Accessories Plus has an extensive history in the phone accessories industry for several years of retailing and customer service of iPhone cases, Samsung cases, chargers, cellphone holders etc. The company places a strong emphasis on customer support and 100% customer satisfaction. If online shoppers looking for current and upcoming smartphone accessories, Cellphone Accessories Plus should be the next stop.

For more information, visit the collections available on Cellphone Accessories online store here.

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