Celebrity Dentist Launches 1 Hour Teeth Whitening Services In Flint MIchigan

Flint, MI-based celebrity dentist Dr. Catrise Austin launches a teeth whitening training course. This business course trains dentistry and beauty professionals to quickly lighten discolored teeth.

Celebrity dentist Dr. Catrise Austin announces the launch of her new teeth whitening training course for dentistry and beauty professionals in Flint Michigan. This service lightens teeth by several shades using advanced techniques and helps clients regain their self-confidence.

Dr. Austin, the course instructor, says that tooth discoloration is caused by a variety of factors, including age, smoking, and food intake. The prevalence of teeth discoloration has led to a boom in whitening services, which is now a $3.2 billion industry. She helps dental clinics, salons, and spas get into the lucrative teeth whitening industry.

The new training course launched in fall 2020 to give dentistry and beauty professionals the skills to offer their clients a quick, effective, and professional alternative to off-the-shelf teeth whitening systems that may not work as well. Dr. Austin adds that whitening discolored teeth can help people look instantly younger and make a good first impression.

More information about this online and live training course is available via http://www.teethwhiteningonline.com

Dr. Austin is known as The Queen of Smiles and earned her dentistry degree at the University of Maryland. She is one of the most influential celebrity dentists in the industry and gained further acclaim when rapper Cardi B chose her to makeover her smile. She trains her teeth whitening students in just a few hours her signature teeth whitening service which is highly recommended for patients with moderate to severe teeth discoloration that can no longer be addressed by at-home kits.

Her technique uses one of the highest-grade teeth whitening formulas to offer the best results possible to patients. Patients can expect to see their teeth lighten an average of six shades after just one hour.

For the best results, the procedure will be repeated as needed until the desired shade is achieved. Dr. Austin also teaches her students how to make residual income with At-home touch-up kits will boost the efficacy of the whitening sessions when needed.

Aside from providing the above-mentioned service, Dr. Catrise Austin also offers business consulting and coaching on how to start and grow a teeth-whitening business. Her company, VIP Smiles Dentistry, PLLC is a prominent dental practice that has been serving clients for over two decades. With the launch of the teeth whitening training course, she aims to further its position as an industry leader in the field.

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