Celebrate the Launch of CLD Brands 12 Hole Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

CLD Brands is celebrating the launch of CLD Brands 12 Hole Hand Tuned Ocarina of Time online by giving away a player's guide. Further information can be found at www.mycldbrands.com.

In a novel change of pace, ecommerce store “CLD Brands”, will be celebrating the launch of a musical instrument by giving away a player’s guide. It’s reported the event will take place on Friday, November 27th.

In a space where most competitors simply have the item on the shelf and fail to cause much of a stir, CLD Brands has opted to be a little more novel with CLD Brands 12 Hole Hand Tuned Ocarina of Time launch.

London D, Co-Founder at CLD Brands, says: “The company wanted to be innovative with the musical instrument launch because existing customers and new customers would be rewarded for loyalty to the brand in a way that would be different from the competition. This is CLD Brands way of giving customers an awesome product at a discounted price along with a bonus players guide.

It should be really worthwhile and the company is hoping to give people something to talk about and create raving fans for CLD Brands. It will be a hit for the holidays!

CLD Brands has always thrived on the idea of standing out and making a commotion. It’s all part of the fun and it’s going to give customers the opportunity to see it ahead of the holiday rush. This is such a unique starter instrument and people will want a member of the family to own one before the new year, which is better than businesses choosing to do things the ‘regular’ way. This launch celebration is just one of the many ways CLD Brands achieves that goal.

When asked about CLD Brands 12 Hole Hand Tuned Ocarina of Time, London D said: “The Legend of Zelda Ocarina is going to be a real hit because it is easy to use and of superior quality. The instrument is handcrafted and hand tuned by professional musicians”.

CLD Brands 12 Hole Hand Tuned Ocarina of Time is set to launch on Cyber Monday. To find out more about the ocarina click here.

For further information about CLD Brands, visit the website.

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