Cebu Small Local Business New Normal Tool Increasing income Customers and Leads

New Normal low single cost digital tool boosts income & generates leads for Cebu Philippines mom & pop local businesses Overnight results NO WEBSITE needed- Info 0942 958 8982 Over-Time 24/7 DMA

The New Normal is forcing large and small Filipino businesses to find new ways to generate customer leads to maintain or increase revenues to stand a chance keeping their doors open. Philippines small business as well as mom and pops are facing more of a uphill battle in finding cost effective solutions because of small cash resources. When possible solutions can be found they mostly require recurring monthly cost commitments for some term.

Some mom and pop Cebu small local businesses have found the new normal digital advertising tool solution. Although digital, a website is not required. It is available for a one time fee, it works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and comes with a guarantee of overnight results. The brand name is SWARM Page 1 SEO from Cebu’s Over-Time 24/7 Digital Marketing Agency who has a 47 year track record. Moreover, they have a promotion currently running where you can take for FREE your choice of a beautiful 5 page website or a high tech landing page. Plus they guarantee overnight results or they will repeat the service until they do or they completely refund you, there by removing all risks.

Because owning websites are not the norm optimized SEO for small or mom and pop local Filipino business is mostly unheard of in the Philippines. It has not caught on, not like in other countries as the USA, Canada, Australia & the UK. Search Engine Optimization or SEO normally is doing things required to increase a website’s identity so it comes up high in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing when a keyword or keyword phrase is searched. The cost of web design, website development, and SEO is not feasible to most of the millions of small mom and pop style local businesses not to mention the on going maintenance costs. To most business owners it is just a big headache to think about it although they would love an increase of prospect leads.

But that has started to change in Cebu City where a seasoned FilAm promoter has decided to expand his over 4 decades of public relations, advertising, and online digital marketing experience recently. He is quick to point out that he has been there and done that and it is as if he has been sent back in time to help. Armed with almost 5 decades of successful advertising knowledge and brand promotion he is ready to help Filipino businesses flourish without a hefty sales budget or even requiring a website.

This week Over-Time 24/7 Digital Marketing Agency in Cebu City announced their continuation and expansion of their successful buy one get one promotion. First launched in December 2020 its’ purpose celebrates their recent expansion to the Philippines and the 2021 New Year. The digital public relations, geo marketing location targeting, brand promoter, lead generation consultant, as well as online image and reputation firm was founded in Los Angeles, CA 47 years ago and they have now expanded services into Cebu Philippines. Their buy one get one promotion targets local Filipino business in the Philippines and was originally set to expire March 31, 2021. Today it was announced the expiration date has been re-set to May 15, 2021 and will be expanded to include all the Visayas region.

The 2021 promo originally gave new customers a 5 page US style fully mobile friendly optimized and customized website design for free to each new customer that buys a “Swarm Page 1 SEO” service. The promo has been modified to give the buying customer an option of getting a world class high tech landing page instead of the website.

SWARM is OverTime’s patented guaranteed SEO keyword ranking service that can create hundreds of page 1 Google keywords and phrases overnight without requiring any website or landing page whatsoever. This compares to traditional expensive SEO that is a recurring monthly expense that can take weeks and even months for businesses to realize results, if any at all.

Both services are regularly priced at p7500. SWARM Page 1 SEO is a service mark of Over-Time 24/7 DMA that can generate up to 400 keywords and phrases worldwide that rank on page 1 position one of Google and other search engines in literally hours. The Swarm of keyword rankings stick long term, up to several years in some cases.

Cebu Region Marketing Director Francis John Casalda said, “Our buy 1 get 1 promotion is the best introduction to our digital lead generation toolbox and it can generate leads and revenue for several years into the future. Our SWARM Page 1 SEO service increases customer’s brand ID, generates qualified leads, generates sales, and cements trust and a win-win business relationship with our new customers. Over-Time SWARM Page One SEO is an online advertising service working 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for years without ever taking time off.”

Casalda added “Over-Time 24/7 web designs and landing pages are high quality. Our USA styled web designs come Google indexed, mobile friendly optimized, and are easily upgraded to a robo website with live or avatar spokes models. Our websites are built to not only attract prospects but to hold your lead’s attention on the web page longer, and that positively helps your site’s online SEO rankings too.”

The Philippines SWARM SEO introduction promotion has been modified to expire May 15, 2021 additional information is available through their website or by contacting them directly by phone or text at 0942-958-8982. For information on SWARM SEO in the USA call 888-363-3912

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