CDC Reveals a ​Weakened Immune System is Linked to Measles Complications

NextGen Nutritionals has released a new report supporting the ongoing efforts of the CDC to eliminate measles from the United States. Read more here

In the latest update on a recent measles related death in the country, the CDC has clarified that immune deficiency was a contributing factor in the case, and reminds communities that the measles virus can be very severe in people who have a weakened or under-developed immune system.

This new announcement from the CDC reiterates the life-threatening potential of measles for people who have compromised immune systems. In these cases, the disease is more serious and can have severe and sometimes deadly impact on a person’s health. This includes infecting other parts of the body, causing diarrhea, pneumonia and middle ear infection. Another concerning complication is encephalitis, a very serious infection of the brain.

In their recent announcement, a CDC representative said “Measles is highly contagious even before the rash starts, and is easily spread when an infected person breathes, coughs, or sneezes. If not protected, a person can get measles just by walking into a room where someone with the disease has been in the past couple of hours.” Anyone with a weak immune system is especially vulnerable when exposed.

Heightened concern and the spread of measles are, in part, due to pockets in the U.S. where people are less likely to be vaccinated. It is a heated topic and a continuing center of conversation. People on both sides of the issue have strong belief systems and continue to support their reasons for supporting or fighting against required vaccinations.

In an otherwise healthy person with a strong immune system, being exposed to, or contracting the measles virus can lead to fever, cough, runny nose and watery eyes in the early stages of infection. Within days, the classic measles rash develops, lasting for approximately a week. The virus generally runs its course and the person typically recovers.

NextGen Nutritionals aligns with the CDC on this topic, and reminds consumers to take it a step further. When asked about the importance of protecting immunity and overall health, Joan Little, a representative for the company, said “It is vital that people educate themselves and learn how they can protect their health and their immune system, whether they choose to be vaccinated or take a more natural approach. Regardless of the method, this company believes that health should be everyone’s first priority.”

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