CCL Offers Organic Ground Ginger Root Powder for Bulk Sale with New Tea Benefits

Coconut Country Living, LLC reviews its promise that its organic gluten-free organic ground ginger root powder spice would change things in the paleo ketogenic gluten-free GAPS friendly diets space for the better with its new tea benefits and recipes. Further information is at .

Coconut Country Living, LLC has reviewed the paleo ketogenic gluten-free GAPS friendly diets world since it announced the launch of Gluten Free Organic Ground Ginger Root Powder is Amazon’s USA marketplace back in December 2015. Coconut Country Living, LLC’s gourmet kitchen spice was promised to shake things up, and two years later, facts are in.

Previously, with even a passing glance, a person would notice an offering of great ginger powder but one not locking in that all-important freshness. The owner at Coconut Country Living, LLC, Michael DiSalvo, makes a point of saying “things were always going to change when we launched Organic Ground Ginger Root Powder “.

Michael continues… “Where you’ll likely always see our competitors doing the same old thing, we wanted to offering not only recyclable packaging locking in the freshness of our gluten-free spices, but also proffer those tasty recipes that mean all the difference in encouraging our customers to pursue and achieve their own health goals. We do this because we believe there’s nothing like fresh spices in the kitchen to flavor food while healing the body like people have done for thousands of years. And these paleo friendly tasty tea recipes are sure to please the whole family, as we all crave something new and delicious when life and dull diets can sometimes get the best of us. Ultimately we knew it was going to be of huge benefit to our customers because it will give them the taste they’ve been craving while not having to worry about cross contamination from gluten, nuts, or GMOs. Having these great recipes at their fingertips will encourage them to take advantage of the healthiest spices in history and take advantage of their amazing health benefits, whether for the immune system, detox, or just losing some weight. We actually hope others follow suit.”

Coconut Country Living, LLC was established in December 2014. It has been doing business 3 1/2 years and it has always aimed to heal the world through gluten free food and spices.

Currently, the closest thing to Organic Ground Ginger Root Powder is what traditional organic food manufacturers offer in their products that are still packaged in facilities that suffer from cross-contamination in plants originating here in the USA. Being packaging in dedicated facilities at the origin of harvesting, Organic Ground Ginger Root Powder improved on this by being processed in an FDA-approved facility in Sri Lanka, while including paleo and ketogenic tea recipes friendly to any diet to get customers started on their health-giving journey in these cold winter months. This change alone was enough to make Coconut Country Living, LLC’s organic gluten-free kitchen spice more popular with customers in the paleo ketogenic gluten-free GAPS friendly diets space, and quickly.

Organic Ground Ginger Root Powder is now available to buy and review on To find out more, the place to visit is, or just search for CCL’s “ginger root powder organic” in the Amazon search bar.

For further information about Coconut Country Living, LLC, and more delicious gluten free choices for personal wellness, food lovers can visit where they can find out more about gluten-free organic ground ginger root powder spice and other delightful condiments and organic coconut products.

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