CBDINC Land Buys Set CBD Company to be Largest Global Producer & Supplier

CBDINC, a global leader in CBD production, wholesale and distribution, has recently made large land acquisitions for farming and manufacturing, establishing themselves as one of the worlds largest producers and suppliers of CBD.

CBDINC is a global manufacturer and wholesale supplier of raw CBD resources such as seeds, biomass, flower, extracts, and concentrates like isolate, distillate, and crude CBD oil. The company has recently acquired multiple large parcels of land for farming and manufacturing purposes.

Based in Denver, Colorado, the company has operations across the world including Maui, Hawaii and the Andes mountains of Colombia and Puerto Rico. They rigorously develop and test new CBD strains to ensure high-quality products to their clients before being repackaged to CBD distributors. CBDINC prides itself on its self-reliant production processes, covering everything from the seed to product. This offers complete control over the integrity and quality of their products.

The new land acquisition will be used to scale up the company’s operations to provide for the increasing demand for CBD products across the world. This includes high-quality seeds, hemp for high cannabinoid content and also consumer products such as gummies, tinctures, infused products and softgels.

CBDINC is poising themselves to become the largest producer and distributor of high-quality CBD hemp resources in the world. The company has become a one-stop-shop that handles everything including genetic refinement of strains, farming, processing, and distributing millions of pounds of CBD hemp-related products. It is a fully-integrated, international holding company and a world leader in all aspects of CBD production.

For more information about CBDINC or to contact the company, please refer to the contact details below.

Company: CBDINC
Contact: Tim Greene
Address: 1600 Broadway, #1600, Denver, CO 80210
Phone: 720-279-4802
Web: https://cbdincgroup.com/
Email: info@cbdincgroup.com

Contact Info:
Name: Tim Greene
Email: Send Email
Organization: CBDINC
Address: 1600 Broadway, #1600, Denver, CO 80210
Phone: 720-279-4802
Website: https://cbdincgroup.com/

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