CBD Oral Sublingual Spray Rapid Absorption Hemp Extract Formula Launched

Vancouver, WA-based Hemp Oil Medic, available on +1-800-240-9884, release Swift Sublingual Spray. The new product offers a swifter, more efficient delivery of organic CBD than traditional methods.

Hemp Oil Medic, medicinal CBD product specialists based in Vancouver, WA, have launched Swift Sublingual Spray. The newly released Swift spray contains highly concentrated CBD isolate, derived from organically grown Colorado Hemp.

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The release of Swift CDB spray from Hemp Oil Medic provides a specially engineered formula, designed to maximize purity, bioavailability, and convenience. Each bottle contains 300mg of non-psychoactive CBD, atomized and broken down into tiny particles to facilitate more efficient absorption.

CBD is an active compound, or cannabinoid, derived from the hemp plant. The human body contains its own endocannabinoid system, responsible for maintaining healthy physiological function. The system consists of cannabinoid receptors, located throughout the body, which help regulate processes including mood, memory, appetite and the sensation of pain.

Swift Spray offers a more rapid system for CBD assimilation, bypassing the digestive system via particles that can be absorbed through the lining of the mouth. This enables a swifter, more efficient delivery of CBD’s beneficial effects than those offered by more traditional tinctures.

The newly launched spray was developed over a 2-year period by scientists and research experts, and is subject to rigorous third party testing procedures. All CBD used in Swift Sublingual Spray is derived from organically farmed hemp, free from herbicides, pesticides and other chemicals. The CO2 extraction process used to produce the CBD isolate is also environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

Hemp Oil Medic are health, wellness and CBD product experts based in Vancouver, WA. They offer a wide range of CBD treatments from the newly released Swift Spray to CBD oils, creams and CBD-infused pet products.

A spokesperson for Hemp Oil Medic said, “Research indicates that the smaller the CBD particles the more useful it is for the body. Minimizing CBD particles increases bioavailability. CBD pure hemp oil has extraordinary benefits for your health and well-being.”

Through the launch of Swift Sublingual CBD Spray, Hemp Oil Medic expand their range of organic CBD products, harnessing scientific and medical expertise to maximize health and wellness in people of all ages. For more information visit http://hempoilmedic.com

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