CBD Oil Pets Healthy Treats Relaxation & Soothing Balms Launched

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KJ Organics announces the launch of their products for pets, with added nutrients and health boosters. The firm has a range of products including oils, balms, sprays, salves and snack treats for pets, with ingredients proven to have therapeutic benefits.

KJ Organics announces the launch of a range of healthy and fortified pet food products The specially enriched line include tinctures and CBD relaxation oils, oral sprays in two concentrations and bacon, chicken or salmon-flavoured treats for dogs.

For more information about the products, visit their website at https://www.kjorganics.com/

The health and well-being of their pet is usually the highest priority for any pet owner or care provider. In addition to providing good food, exercise and adequate attention, the normal growth and development of young domestic animals is very important, to ensure a happy outcome for the animal and its owners. This is where organic snacks and balms can make a vital contributon to keeping young and older pets active and within a healthy temperament range.

The all-natural nutrition boosters and dog treats by KJ Organics have a wide range of therapeutic benefits. The oil can be ingested by both human beings and animals by just adding it to any meal, in the prescribed dosage. This and other products sold by KJ Organics contain no chemical fertilizers, pesticides, solvents or herbicides.

The body balms and salves contain organic ingredients such as beeswax, coconut oil, vanilla and other steam-distilled botanicals making them safe even for pets with delicate skin. For pets, these balms are a soothing and relaxing way of improving the strength and condition of their hair and claws. The pet treats made by KJ Organics are made of salmon caught in Alaska and chicken raised on Midwestern farms. All the food is free of chemicals in any form.

All products are manufactured in the USA and to the highest standards of quality and hygiene. Products are tested for quality in third party laboratories. For more information on their products or to place an order, visit their website at the link given above.

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