CBD Isolate For Food Cooking Vape Recipes Coffee Smoothies & Ice Cream Released

With many people seeking to reduce anxiety or improve sleep and discomfort from ailments, Hempgenix, a therapeutic skin and health product manufacturer, has released a range of CBD isolates that are 100% natural. These products are 100% organic, non-GMO and pesticide free.

Miami, Florida-based, Hemp G==genix, a CBD skin care and health product company, has launched a range of cannabinoids CBD isolate powders that can be used when cooking or added to vape oils, coffee, smoothies and even ice cream. In fact, the uses of the isolate powder are almost endless.

More information is available at https://hempgenix.us.

Just released, the CBD isolate is available in 1, 5, 10 and 25 gram sizes and contains 99% pure CBD. Made from pharmaceutical grade hemp grown in the US at Colorado, Kentucky and Oregon plants, Hempgenix follows USDA organic farming practices to ensure the best quality product.

According to research, cannabinoids or CBD is a naturally occurring compound found in hemp. These cannabinoids interact with the regulatory system, which helps with digestion, moods and also sleep. Therefore, cannabinoids manage the central nervous system, reducing pain. Clinical trials prove that CBD and many other cannabinoids are both effective and safe with no psychoactive effect. CBD uses include illness and ailment treatment, with CBD proven to reduce inflammation, pain and stress.

Overall, all Hempgenix products derive from industrial strength non-GMO hemp grown without pesticides or fertilizers. Plus, all CBD is extracted using CO2 and crystal precipitation and typically contain a mixture of cannabinoids such as CBD, CBG, CBC, CBN and terpenes. Wholesale orders come with a lab analysis, COA, and RSA Isolate, as well as USDA organic certification and CDA registration. Some retail orders also come with certification, if required.

Hempgenix produce pure hemp CBD products for wholesale and retail distribution. CBD is a health and medical breakthrough that has many physical and mental benefits for humans and their pets. As such, Hempgenix sell skin care products, oils and health remedies, nutritional products and pet sprays and drops.

When asked about their latest CBD products, a customer of Hempgenix said, “Our customers are loving our products in my chiropractic office. The results are amazing and anyone with health conditions should be using CBD topical like the CBD Freeze Pain Rub or the capsules. I’m no also interested to see what the isolate is capable of. ”

To find out more about Hempgenix and their latest range of CBD isolates, call 1 855 380 3332 or visit https://hempgenix.us.

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