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For those seeking health and wellness alternatives to traditional medications, online store Hemp Oil Medic has announced their new line of therapeutic CBD products.

Online CBD store, Hemp Oil Medic, is announcing the launch of their therapeutic cannabidiol oil products and concentrated sublingual sprays. Designed to relieve a number of mental, physical and neurological conditions, the CBD preparations available at Hemp Oil Medic offer natural, THC-free options to those looking for alternatives to traditional medications.

More information can be found here: https://hempoilmedic.com

Derived from the hemp plant, CBD is a safe, naturally occurring, non-addictive yet therapeutically potent treatment option for those who are skeptical or cautious about traditional pharmaceutical medications. The launch of Hemp Oil Medic’s array of CBD oils, softgels, creams and sublingual sprays help consumers to manage pain, anxiety, depression and neurological conditions such as epilepsy without worrying about the side effects often associated with traditional medications.

Studies show that CBD contains anticonvulsant, anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory and analgesic (pain relieving) properties. The compound works with the body’s Endocannabinoid system (ECS), a complex cell-signalling network. Cannabinoids bind with two primary ECS receptors – CB1 and CB2 – to help regulate a variety of ailments.

When CBD interacts with receptors in the body it can help regulate serotonin which, in turn, can positively impact mood. By modulating the body’s opioid receptors, CBD can help reduce pain. The process is believed to involve CBD’s ability to mimic endorphins without reducing them, which means those suffering chronic pain can turn to CBD products instead of opioid-based medications that suppress endorphins and can lead to addiction.

A study published by German researchers shows that CBD can stimulate the growth of new brain cells (neurogenesis) in adult mammals; a promising development that may lead to further strides in healthy brain development, memory and recovery from brain injuries.

With mounting evidence supporting CBD’s therapeutic properties, Hemp Oil Medic has launched a full line of CBD options.

Hemp oil and CBD extracts can be administered in either droplet or spray form underneath the tongue. This method offers the fastest relief of symptoms. Softgels are available for those seeking dependable dosing, or for individuals who don’t like the taste of the oil. The company’s line of therapeutic cream products are recommended for those addressing skin and arthritic conditions.

Online availability of all products means customers can make their purchases while remaining compliant with current social restrictions.

More information can be found at the URL above.

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