CBD Distributor Colorado Sourced Lab Tested Mold Metals Safe Product Launch

The finest, organically grown, lab-tested, high-quality, CBD products are now available through Care Better Daily. They have joined forces with Distributing Health to provide those in need of this valuable oil.

Care Better Daily has launched a worldwide distribution effort to supply CBD products to those in need. The company is committed to providing the best CBD products available at the most affordable prices as quickly as possible.

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Care Better Daily launched this effort after discovering that during the pandemic many individuals had hoarded CBD oil. Care Better Daily is a Florida based company that has now taken the responsibility to help people obtain all the CBD they need as the pandemic continues.

A recent study by MarketWatch demonstrated that consumers stockpiled products, including medicines, in anticipation of the strict stay-at-home orders from local governments. The study disclosed that 26% of current CBD users were stocking up on products in anticipation of shortages due to the pandemic. CBD sales spiked 230% prior to shelter-in-place orders.

Care Better Daily is a company specializing in CBD products and monitoring the CBD market in all facets. They discovered that many people who were staying at home decided to combat the virus by increasing their dose of CBD. Reasons included combating symptoms, increasing immune system capabilities, alleviating stress, and the desire for better sleep.

To meet the increased demand Care Better Daily has partnered with Distributing Health for distribution of its products in California. The company recognized that many CBD entrepreneurs were not filling an inherent customer promise of transparency to customers.

With the rush to market for so many other CBD companies, quality has become an issue in the industry. Care Better Daily ensures its CBD is only pure, clean, and healthy for the end users.

The company, therefore, sought to create the most beneficial organically grown CBD product with the utmost transparency. Care Better Daily now posts lab-certified results on its website so consumers have full transparency of the contents of their purchases.

The CBD oil distributed by Care Better Daily is organically grown in Colorado, which includes fresh, clean water naturally provided from melted snow on the mountains. All of the company’s CBD is sourced from industrial hemp farms in Colorado’s organic triangle.

From there the product is processed in a lab and then double checked and certified in a third party lab for independent and transparent confirmation of CBD product quality. The lab test for pesticides, lead, arsenic, chemical pesticides, toxic mold and other dangerous impurities.

The launch of worldwide distribution of the finest CBD products by Care Better Daily is now available to users. Anyone needing clean, high-grade, high-quality CBD products is encouraged to order today.

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