Cave Tools Oven Mitts Aramid Kevlar Heat Resistant Silicone Gloves Launched

Philadelphia, PA barbecue tools company Cave Tools has launched BBQ Glove Oven Mitts, a set of Aramid Kevlar and silicone barbecue and grilling gloves. The product is available on Amazon and features high-grip silicone, a soft polycotton lining, and extended heat resistant forearm cuffs.

Philadelphia, PA barbecue tools company Cave Tools announced the launch of its heat resistant silicone & Aramid Kevlar BBQ oven mitts on Amazon. The barbecue and cooking gloves are designed for use in temperatures up to 662°F.

More information about Cave Tools is available at

The Cave Tools BBQ glove oven mitts are the product of extensive cross-industry research and intuitive design. The gloves combine the features of heat resistant BBQ silicone gloves and oven pot holders, making them suitable for smoking, grilling, baking, and cooking.

A key feature of the Cave Tools grill & BBQ gloves is the use of lightweight & flame retardant Aramid fibers as the primary fabric. Aramid is known for excellent fabric integrity at high temperatures and is a component of body armor, ship hulls, and jet engine enclosures.

Cave Tools BBQ Glove Oven Mitts are coated with high-grip silicone and feature a soft polycotton lining for comfort and ease of cleaning. These gloves may be hand washed in warm water or machine washed.

The Philadelphia grilling products company has designed the gloves for use with large grills and deep ovens adding heat-resistant extended arm cuffs to protect a wearer’s forearms and wrists. Cave Tools gloves fit are available in a single size that fits all and a lifetime satisfaction guarantee.

Cave Tools also offers access to a download of The Grill Master’s Essential Barbecue Recipe Book with every purchase of its barbecue & baking gloves. The recipe book offers detailed instructions for 25 professional BBQ recipes, tutorials, and allows purchasers to access more than 135 cooking videos.

According to a spokesperson for Cave Tools, “We believe that cooking good food together helps bring families together. We are proud to announce the availability of the Cave Tools heat resistant silicone aramid kevlar oven mitts as a safe and reliable product to help families enjoy hassle-free cooking.”

Established in 2013, Cave Tools is a manufacturer of world-class barbecue and cooking tools. The company is owned and operated by Michael “Medium Rare” O’Donnell. More information about the new Cave Tools oven gloves is available on its Amazon product page at and at the URL above.

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