CaterTouch Catering Management Software As A Service Free Beta Trial Launched

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Restaurant and catering management software CaterTouch has launched its Software as a Service (SaaS) free beta trial version. The beta version is available to users until the product launches later this year. CaterTouch has been developed in collaboration with restaurateurs and caterers.

CaterTouch, a new catering management software company, announced the launch of its Software as a Service (SaaS) beta trial. The free trial version of the catering management platform provides full functionality and beta participants will receive a life-time discount once the product launches.

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CaterTouch has been launched as a seamless business solution for catering companies and restaurant operators to greatly simplify order management and fulfillment. The software is designed to optimize how caterers engage with existing and future clients and manage sales.

The new software for restaurants and catering companies will be available through a free beta trial that allows users to test the platform’s many functions. CaterTouch integrates with a variety of in-house or outdoor catering workflows and assigns all tasks as responsibilities – essential tasks that need to be completed, and opportunities – reminders to upgrade or market services.

The platform addresses several key concerns of the restaurant and catering industry including material loss due to incorrectly processed orders, expediting large pick-up and delivery orders, and the large volume of paperwork. CaterTouch is built to scale to any size of catering operation and is easy to implement and use. A happy beta client states, “So you mean I can use this to track all the paperwork for each of my customers? I like that.”

CaterTouch was conceptualized based on a franchise catering manager’s need to improve resource planning. Since then, the platform has been developed and updated based on input from restaurant owners as well as standalone and catering franchises.

The catering management platform for new catering companies is designed to organize catering operations and create opportunities to increase revenue. The SaaS platform is accessible from anywhere in the world and is backed by a growing community of catering professionals who continue to learn how to improve their business.

According to a happy CaterTouch customer, “CaterTouch has helped us manage our catering sales and contacts, and made our marketing for catering more effective. The current features are great and they are only improving and adding more functionality. I wouldn’t do catering without this tool.”

CaterTouch Founder, Chris Gylseth states, “Several restaurants we talked to admitted that they miss at least 4-6 opportunities every month simply because they forget to call. With CaterTouch, you will know who to call and when. CaterTouch is revolutionizing the catering and take-out food industries.”

CaterTouch is a full-service catering business platform that is designed to be more than a tool. CaterTouch seeks to create a community focused on streamlined processes and increased revenue. The software has been developed with restaurant and catering industry expertise backed by business and technology experts.

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