Cat Health Analysis, Pet Reiki & Telepathy Chat Sessions Announced

The popular cat boutique Purrrfectly Holistic has announced it is offering optimal cat health analysis sessions for anyone who wants to find out if their cat’s body is agreeing with the food, medicine or pest control products they’re getting.

The famous boutique for cats Purrrfectly Holistic announced it is offering an optimal health analysis for loving cat owners who want to know how their cat is reacting to the food or medicine they’re given and what they really need for a long, happy and healthy life.

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Purrrfectly Holistic is a popular boutique for cats created by cat mom and holistic health specialist Pam Roussell to educate and help fellow cat owners provide their four-legged friends the very best in holistic health.

The famous boutique for cats has announced it is now offering an optimal cat health analysis for cat owners who want to test their cat’s response to certain foods, medications, grooming products or even pest control brands and figure out what they really need for a happier, healthy life.

The health analysis sessions are delivered by Pam Roussell herself and draw on proven muscle testing techniques to provide each cat owner with a complete, itemized list of any ingredient that is not beneficial or agreeing with their cat’s body, suggestions on items the cat’s body tests well for and a free copy of the dietary guide Optimal Nutrition for Cats.

For the cat owners who want to deepen the relationship with their cat, understand their animal better or help the pet overcome certain physical, behavioral or emotional issues in a gentle, painless and stress-free manner, the boutique is also offering proven animal reiki and communication sessions.

The Purrrfectly Holistic team explains that “for those who want to know the best way to help their cat heal or just need to see if the food and medicine they’re using is actually beneficial, we can muscle test and find out. There’s no need to keep wasting time and money on products that won’t work or trying to guess what the cat really needs for a long, happy and healthy life.”

Free 20m consultations with Pam, more on the optimal cat health analysis she provides or the reiki and animal communication sessions the boutique has at the client’s disposal along with multiple success stories and testimonials showcasing why Purrrfectly Holistic is so popular among cat owners are available at

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