Casual Staffing for Accounting Outsourcing Offered by BOSS New Zealand

Back Office Shared Services launches a new option for accounting outsourcing in New Zealand. Now virtual accountants and bookkeepers can be hired 'casually' for specific projects via ad-hoc hours.

Creating every reason to hire a virtual accountant, BOSS New Zealand adds a new hiring option to their outsourcing programs. The newly launched offshoot of the highly successful home office in Australia makes headway by providing ad-hoc hours. Making it simpler than ever to benefit from the efficiency of accounting outsourcing, BOSS NZ will provide casual staff by the hour with a fixed pricing budget.

Putting eleven years of outsourcing experience to excellent use Lee Court, Client Relationship and Marketing Manager for BOSS said, “Providing the scope of the project doesn’t change, we’ll give our clients a budget that outlays a fixed price to complete smaller jobs. Quality isn’t sacrificed because the work isn’t extensive. No matter how minimal the project is, our outsourced accountants are well versed in the necessary procedures. Working papers are intact and continuous monthly training sessions in New Zealand tax laws are a part of their ongoing agreement with BOSS.”

Working with flawless communication thanks to Skype and promptly returned emails, the virtual accounting service proves key for a well-run New Zealand business. BOSS is dedicated to monitoring progress and productivity. Internally, as well as in online communications, outsourced staff give up-to-the-minute job status reports. Additionally ad-hoc virtual accountants and bookkeepers meet with in-house accounting quality controls set by members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants New Zealand.

Fully-trained on the software each client uses, outsourced staff is up to speed. That said, BOSS gives their clients options. Either outsourced casual staff can work online through a client’s network or, they can use BOSS’ in-house software and licenses. Available within moments all the way through to the project’s completion, BOSS accounting outsourcing meets with top- quality service.

To hire a virtual accountant for a specific project, visit our website below.

About Back Office Shared Services Pty Ltd (BOSS): BOSS is an Australia-based outsourcing accounting provider that supplies part-time and full-time outsourced accountants and bookkeepers to supplement accounting staff. Streamlining operations for accounting firms and business owners, every BOSS outsourced accountant is fully-trained in New Zealand accounting standards, Self-Managed Super Funds, tax procedures and law. All accounting outsource specialists work in BOSS’ overseas offices and never at offsite locations.

Contact: Lee Court Client Relationship and Marketing Manager 0800 141 450

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