Cashmere boutique launches its Gift ideas for the holiday season

Send your loved ones the gift of Cashmere this Holiday season. A wide variety to select from for Men, women and your Pet dogs and Cats. Selection of Many Colors and Sizes.

Special things come in small packages with very special holiday savings. You can now give your Loved ones a gift of Cashmere from the convenience of your homes. A very wide variety offered at

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With care, cashmere can last a lifetime. Cashmere boutique also explains how best to wash, dry, and maintain your cashmere.

How to wash your Cashmere Garments

If you do opt for washing your cashmere items at home, please follow these instructions (cashmere coats, jackets and pants should never be washed at home):

Hand wash in lukewarm water using your hair shampoo. Be sure to dissolve the shampoo thoroughly then put the sweater into water. Rinse with hair conditioner, this would make your cashmere sweater softer. Wash colored garments separately.

Do not bleach.

Squeeze gently, do not twist or wring. Twisting the wet sweater would stretch the shape of your sweater.

Dry flat after removing excess water, away from direct heat and sunlight.

Press with damp cloth, using a cool iron, iron from the inside of the garment.

All their pashmina items, cashmere sweaters, shawls, robes and blankets are made in Nepal.

Cashmere hats, gloves, socks, slippers, coats, jackets and travel sets are made in China.

Cashmere throws and scarves are made both in Nepal and China.

They also explain. Pashmina is the Indian/Persian name for cashmere, which is collected in the high plateau regions of Kashmir, Nepal and the central plains of Inner Mongolia.

There is absolutely no difference between the two. Pashmina is the Indian/Persian word for cashmere. The word “cashmere” is derived from the Kashmir region of India, whereas Pashmina is the original name for the same fiber.

The pashmina fiber is collected every spring, and is basically spun by hand. The yarn is spun on a spinning wheel locally known as Charkha. Hand-spinning is an extremely painstaking task. It requires immense patience, dexterity and dedication.

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