Cashmere Boutique Launches Designer Rajiva Agrawal Car Print Shirts for Men

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Printed shirts by Designer Rajiva Agrawal. 100% Cotton. 9 exotic prints to Choose from.The designer creates an entirely new genre in men’s apparel that is fashionable and makes a bold statement.

This is a whole new genre in Men’s apparel. They wanted to create men’s clothing that looks amazing, feels great and will outlast anything else in your wardrobe. Your clothes make an impression. And they want that impression to be the opposite of boring.

Rajiva Agrawal is the former National Champion of Motocross from India, a graduate of the Wharton School of Business and a successful entrepreneur based in Vancouver, Canada.

For years, Rajiva was commended for his outfits standing out at events. The challenge was to come up with menswear that did not conform to the traditional “grays” and “blues” found in most stores in North America. With over 25 years of experience in manufacturing and marketing luxury apparel, Rajiva decided to create an entirely new genre in men’s apparel that is fashionable and makes a bold statement.

He wants you to stand out at parties and other events, but that outfit that looks oh so good makes you want to leave an hour in. Not anymore. Their apparel is made to be comfortable all day, and all night. The secret is the fiber. He use only use the highest quality of cotton and cashmere so your clothes caress your skin. Wearing our apparel is an experience, you’ll never enjoy wearing anything else quite the same way.

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Feedback from our customer “I like the “RA RAJIVA AGRAWAL HAVANA CLUB SHIRT for the 100% Cotton Material plus the fit and finish the company has implemented in the manufacturer of this product. The shirt material is 100% Cotton and made in India. The finish of the stitching, button holes and the way the buttons are sewn is without any visible flaws. The inside back of the cuff, the strip where the buttons are attached, inside below the collar and at the bottom of the shirt where two sections join have a contrasting blue material with white dots. Looks nice when the cuffs are folded back and the top button or two are open. The cut on the bottom of the shirt gives me the option to wear either in or out of my pants. The car pictures used on the shirt in my opinion are very close to the original vehicle. “

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