Cashmere Boutique introduces the robe collection that is not heavy and Itchy.

Soft, Light weight Cashmere Robes available in stock in a range of Colors for the Holiday season. Made in Nepal from the softest Cashmere. Your skin will thank you.

Finally the Perfect robes are here. These are light weight and not itchy. Caressing your needs , these are so versatile, they can be worn at anytime of the day.

Perfect for those cold mornings. When you need to quickly get up and make your morning coffee on those chilly days.

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The launch of the updated apparel catalog brings customers a selection of soft, warm, and durable robes in 13 colors ranging from neutrals and soft classics to the bright and Christmas, Blue Sapphire and Crimson Red color. The company’s pure cashmere apparel is made exclusively from grade-A material produced at elevation of over 10,000 feet in the Himalayan Mountain.

Though wool sweaters, robes, and coats offer warmth during the cold winter months, wool is composed of heavy, bulky fibers.which is also itchy many times. Over time, the added weight of wool products is burdensome, and they lack the breath ability of finer materials.

In contrast, cashmere products protect the wearer from the elements without weighing them down. Sourced from Capra Hircus goats that live in frigid conditions above 14,000 feet, cashmere is lightweight, warm, comfortable, and breathable.

Cashmere Boutique offers their apparel selection to give customers access to the benefits of the world-famous material in a classic shawl collar, fashionable style in two lengths. The knee length and the full length for added warmth.

Men’s robes are woven from 100% pure, 4-ply cashmere. The Nepali-made products are available in several colors, including black, burgundy, camel, charcoal, and navy..

Women’s robes are available in many more colors like, faded lilac, sage green, rose petal pink, pale peach, and more. Men’s and Women’s robes are offered ranging in size from S to XL.

A satisfied customer said

“Bought the robe as a Christmas gift for my daughter. She was so surprised when she opened the box. Absolutely, loved it. Said it was the first time she woke up in the morning and didn’t need a blanket sitting at the table. Thumbs up.”

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Made in Nepal, ships from North Carolina. Free 2-5 day delivery and free Cashmere scarf are the special Holiday promotions.

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