Cash For Houses Launches New Low Exposure System for San Antonio Investors

“Baby boomers today realize there is significant risk in the stock market. Many baby boomers are now looking for conservative investments with fair returns that offer minimal downside exposure." People want a decent return with little risk. Cash For Houses is answering the call.

Cash For Houses launches a new low exposure system for San Antonio investors. San Antonio Baby Boomer investors can now use real estate as collateral to create a safer lower exposure investment.

Best Selling Real Estate Author of “Life and 1,000 Houses” book series Mitch Stephen is on a mission to help the local San Antonio community achieve higher Financial Returns with substantially reduced exposure and is now offering a FREE Investment Review.

According to Stephen, “Baby boomers today realize there is significant exposure in traditional stock market investing. Many baby boomers have watched their retirement funds disappear and are now looking for conservative investments with fair returns that offer minimal downside exposure.” In short, people want a decent return with little exposure. One local San Antonio, Texas company, Cash For Houses is answering the call.

Cash for Houses, known as, has been using private lenders for over twenty years. Cash for Houses borrows money from private individuals to buy their inventory of local San Antonio houses one house at a time. What separates Cash For Houses from most other Real Estate Investors is Cash For Houses gives the individual lender first lien on the property purchased with the borrowed money. One house, one private lender, one first lien. As the private lender, the investor gets paid or the investor owns a house!

According to Stephen, “As a San Antonio Real Estate Investor, the goal is to protect all involved. What limits the exposure for real estate lenders is that Cash For Houses never allows their investor to loan more than 65% of the property’s owner financed value at the time of the transaction. This is a huge insulating factor! When was the last time the stock market dropped 35% and its investors could still break even?”

When founder and residential home expert Mitch Stephen was asked about what makes so successful Stephen stated, “There are two very important needs not being met. One, Middle America wants to buy a home but is not able to get a loan. Two, retirees want favorable returns on their idle money but are not able find an investment vehicle that limits their exposure. Cash For Houses recognized the potential to solve the problem of home ownership by offering the retiree the opportunity to solve their investment dilemma. The rest is history.” And for homeowners who say, “Sell my house fast,” Cash for houses is there for them.

It’s true, traditional mortgage companies are rejecting millions of would-be-buyers every year. It’s also true that bank CD rates have been hovering around 1% percent for years, and that’s not enough for retirees to function off of. So loaning money for a reasonable return, and using real estate as collateral makes perfect sense for a lot of baby boomers who simply want to ride off into the golden years.

To have a FREE investment review, call 210-669-4020 or email Mitch@Cash4Houses.NET.

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