Cash Flow Forecasting Management For Financial Advisors Expert Guide Launched

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A guide has been launched to help financial planners, accountants and bookkeepers enable their clients to reach their financial business goals through a monthly tracking and analysis process.

A new expert guide has been launched aimed at accountants, financial advisors, and bookkeepers who want to build better client relationships and teach them how to create annual and monthly projected income statements and forecasts.

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The newly launched guide from Elevate Financial Training is designed to help professionals within the financial services sector help their clients achieve their business goals and targets through thorough financial planning. The team explains that after creating the foundations for a long-term business relationship, it is possible to focus on yearly financial planning.

Advisors can help their clients exercise good cash flow discipline and treat each day as an opportunity to build transferable value explains the guide. It adds that the first step in the financial planning process is forecasting the income statement.

Conventional forecasting methods typically start with an assessment of last year’s sales performance and create a new forecast with anticipated growth or changes in expenses.

While this can be useful for business owners and financial planners, the traditional approach can ignore the transferrable value contribution previously calculated. Creating a high-level monthly income statement to assess if a client’s business dream can be achieved can differentiate one financial planner from another.

Creating a realistic monthly projected income statement can help clients to see if they are on track each month. The guide explains this approach can help financial advisors build long-term relationships with their clients, particularly if they keep in contact every day or as often as required.

It also enables planners to assess their clients’ financial information daily, weekly, or monthly so they can help them achieve their business goals. The guide adds that regardless of the size of the business, there are many ways advisors can help their clients improve and track the cash flow within their business.

A spokesperson said: “Our mission is to connect business owners with what they need right now to make their dreams a reality. We create software and educational products that help small business owners identify and overcome financial challenges.”

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