Case Study shows positive results for men’s prostate problems using selenium

New Walpole case study reveals how daily selenium intake can reduce the risk of prostate cancer, asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure and psoriasis. Selenium in Brazil nuts is the no risk home remedy.

David Walpole’s new book revealed positive results using a completely natural home remedy treatment for men’s prostate problems. This latest case study demonstrates how increasing the level of selenium in our diet generates a positive outcome on men’s prostate problems.

The case study also made it clear that a simple home remedy treatment using Brazil nuts gets best results for prostate problems.

Pharmaceuticals or surgery are not involved in this treatment of prostate problems recommended by Walpole. His findings have been endorsed by British doctors who reviewed his research in The Lancet medical journal.

Co-author Brian Morris says, “So many people are looking for a 100% natural treatment for prostate cancer problems. This case study reveals a completely practical and painless way to treat this disease which affects over 50 percent of men over forty.

The case study is explained in Walpole’s book ‘How Trace Element Selenium Affects Men’s Health’, available from Amazon at

About how selenium affects prostate problems, eczema skin and asthma breathing

David Walpole has studied the effects of selenium on humans and farm animals for 43 years. His research in New Zealand, Finland and USA reveals the correct levels of selenium required by the human body to combat prostate cancer. His book explains in simple language the health benefits of taking selenium at the proper dosage.

Walpole explained, “Men’s bodies are complex things and we don’t understand everything about how we function. So when there is a ‘knowledge breakthrough’ which positively affects men’s general health, reduces our susceptibility to ailments like prostate cancer, asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure and psoriasis we should look into it.”

Walpole is passionate about the results of his research. “Most men aged over 50 begin to suffer from an enlarged prostate, known as BPH benign prostate hyperplasia. This affects a higher percentage of men as they get older, resulting in annoying incontinence problems. I’ve discovered through clinical research that small doses of selenium taken as Brazil nuts can help prevent prostate cancer. This is explained in my latest case study.”

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