Case study on whether a local company should hire a Sacramento SEO expert

SEO case study performed by Sacramento expert on local business. The study was on the best methodology for a small business to gain brand exposure. From the study, it was clear that SEO is a better investment than simply running Adwords campaign.

7Storms revealed their new case study today entitled “Considering a Sacramento SEO expert? Case study from company, is it worth it?” This case study demonstrates that by reducing Adwords spending in favor of organic SEO, there was a significant reduction of marketing expense by over 50 percent.

The case study also made it obvious that organic traffic increased from high ranking in Google. The case study is available at their website:

7Storms owner Neng Thao says there are many people looking for insights and answers about case studies on SEO and is it worth it? This case study reveals in a practical way what’s possible with the right information and guidance. He also acknowledges that SEO is not an exact science and due to the changing landscape of the Internet, results will vary on the company, business type, market segment, and era.

Everybody has heard about it but only few know how it works. Let’s take an example of a local Sacramento clothing online shop, RiceInWater, which specializes in ethnic Hmong clothing. Their website can be seen at:

RiceInWater has just set up an Internet business and would like to promote their brand. The fastest method would be to start advertising with Google Adwords. However, the problem with Adwords for a startup is that the learning curve tends to be longer and difficult, plus it can be costly as ads would need to be consistently running to promote the branding. Perhaps taking a different approach may yield more favorable results as well as a more efficient return on investment (ROI). That alternative approach is search engine optimization or SEO for short.

The clothing shop contacted the experts at 7Storms, a Sacramento SEO consulting company, to discuss strategies on maximizing its marketing budget. Even with limited funds, the shop does realize that setting aside a marketing budget is essential to success. How it chooses to utilize the funds is a huge factor in whether it makes it to the second year or not.

The customer and consulting firm concluded that it would be more feasible to spend the majority of the budget on SEO instead of Adwords. They both agreed that running ads was still important until the SEO strategies are realized in the near future. A major benefit in SEO is that although results may not be apparent and quantifiable at first, it is a long term goal that can for the most sustain itself upon fruition. The method and logic here implies that once a website has reached the front page of the Google organic search results, ads are no longer necessary, as the website is returned as a listed result for the desired search key words.

To conclude, it took approximately six months for the customer’s website to reach the front page of Google from 7Storms’ SEO methods. Since, RiceInWater’s online marketing expense has decreased by more than 50% as it no longer needed to run ads. The customer continues to see an increase in traffic not only from their website but social media presence as well, all thanks to SEO. Social media is an entirely different topic on its own, but more information regarding social media can be obtain from this link:

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