Carved Human Skull Prop/Collectibles Creator Zane Wylie Mailing List Released

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A new mailing list has been announced by skull-based props creator Zane Wylie. The newsletter offers an insight into the eclectic past and interests of a carver of human skulls.

Zane Wylie, a creator of real and replica carved prop skulls, has released a mailing list. The newsletter’s growing subscribers gain insights into both his skull-related work and notable idiosyncrasies including comic book writing and body language reading.

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The release of Zane’s newsletter is part of his commitment to providing subscribers with glimpses into the various facets of his life in a written format.

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Subscribers to the new mailing list offered by Zane Wylie gain access to a variety of information and tidbits about the prop designer’s life. In addition to carving human skulls, Zane can read body language, detect falsehoods, and perform stage hypnosis, and he provides advice to fans on topics such as creating elite collectables.

As a carver of skulls, Zane offers a variety of products and accessories. Clients can purchase replica skulls with carvings themed around popular entertainment franchises such as Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Marvel Comics.

Customers can also commission Zane to create custom carvings, or opt for a blank, non-carved skull. Associated accessories available on Zane’s site include hand-blown glass domes and stands in order to display skulls, alongside skull-related coins and clothing.

Prop skulls created by Zane have appeared on television shows. Studios who have made use of Zane’s services include AMC, Warner Bros, and Hulu, and his props have appeared on shows including Preacher and Constantine.

Zane Wylie’s skull carving services are part of a family-owned and family-run business, catering to both serious collectors and professional film and television productions.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Zane’s mailing list is a fascinating glimpse into the mind of a guy who’s done it all. He’s got a resume that reads like a madman’s journal, and he might just have some good advice stored somewhere among those memories.”

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