Carriere MS Cow Sanctuary Donation Program For Organic Milk And Yogurt Launched

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New Talavan Community in Carriere, MS, updates its cow adoption program that helps cows roam and live freely on their self-sufficient farm. The community offers a wide range of organic, cruelty-free milk products.

New Talavan Community, a cow sanctuary and self-sufficient farm in Carriere, Mississippi, announces its updated cow adoption program that allows anyone to sponsor the care and maintenance of a cow within the farm. All cows in the community are used only for their milk and can roam freely around the farm. Their calves are not weaned until a half year old.

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The updated cow adoption program helps supporters choose their desired cow online to comply with the latest health guidelines to limit social gatherings. Now, people do not have to physically visit the farm to adopt a cow. Individuals may also donate to help with the basic needs of the cows, including hay, grain, veterinary service, and equipment.

The community follows the teachings of Lord Sri Krishna, who believed that cows are sacred animals. As such, no cow on the farm is harmed, and residents live off the produce of the cows, including using their manure to fertilize the crops. The goal of the community is to become entirely self-sufficient to dedicate their time to learning the divine teachings and practice of the ancient Vedic tradition.

As they work towards this goal, New Talavan Community accepts donations and sponsorships through their cow adoption program which also provides cruelty-free, “good karma” milk. To date, the community keeps more than 50 cows on their 1,200-acre farm.

To comply with national health recommendations to reduce physical interactions, New Talavan Community has adapted to become more visible online. The group announces that it is now accepting donations and sponsorships through various online channels such as PayPal, GoFund Me, and Google Pay. They are still accepting physical checks mailed to their address.

New Talavan Community says that it is also looking for support to develop its ox power program, which would support the several oxen on the farm for plowing fields, pulling carts, and performing other daily farm tasks.

Currently, the farm produces a variety of fruits and vegetables, as well as its own milk, cheese, butter, yogurt, and ghee.

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