Carpal AID Wins 2021 Award: Best Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pain Relief Brand

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Carpal Aid won the 2021 "Best Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pain Relief Product Brand - USA" award, sponsored by Global Health & Pharma, coming out on top over many other competitors.

Exciting news for sufferers of carpal tunnel syndrome: clinically proven Carpal Aid has been named the newest winner of the Best Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pain Relief Product Brand in the USA. The UK’s own Global Health & Pharma presented the award to Carpal Aid in May of 2021, and the prestigious award will be formally announced to the public in November of 2021. Why is this so exciting? This is such great news for people living with carpal tunnel syndrome, because it’s a clear indicator of a quality product that not only works… but is made by people who believe in helping people to feel better and get back to the business of living. If you’re one of the millions of people experiencing carpal tunnel syndrome, this award is assurance that it works.

Global Health & Pharma’s Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards aim to highlight innovators in the industry; those who represent quality care and placing the well being of patients and customers above all else. Therefore, each year Global Health & Pharma chooses its award recipients on merit. This approach allows the assessors to review each company offering independently, utilizing a variety of sources that are publicly accessible. With a complete file on each company reflecting their performance in areas such as sales performance, industry achievements, and overall contributions to society, a final judgement is made and a winner declared.

For the 2021 voting event, the clear winner was the revolutionary patented product Carpal AID for the Best Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pain Relief Product Brand – USA, and Ilan Nouvahian, Executive Vice President of Carpal Aid was pleased about the company’s performance, saying:

“The company couldn’t be more thrilled to receive this award. With a specific focus on helping people live and work pain free, it’s such an honor to be recognized as a worthy and effective product.”

Persons interested in learning more about doctor-recommended Carpal Aid and the award can visit the website at

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