Carpal AID Pain Relief Patch Minimizes Workers Comp For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The Carpal Aid pain relief patch, a patented, award-winning practical solution to the uncomfortable symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, is a win for office and industrial workers across the US. Their companies, facing skyrocketing workers compensation cases, win too.

Carpal Aid, the clinically proven and doctor-recommended solution to help alleviate the discomfort of carpal tunnel syndrome, has become something of a hero in corporate medicine cabinets across America. Back when Carpal Aid’s innovative and practical solution for carpal tunnel syndrome first hit the market, it promised a more effective means of symptom management than the traditional hand and wrist braces. Years later, the results are in: Corporate America loves Carpal AID.

The reason is clear. Not only is clinically-proven Carpal AID highly effective at alleviating the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, it does so while being nearly undetectable. Carpal AID is a small adhesive patch that is applied directly to a clean, dry palm. Not only is it comfortable to wear for an entire shift, most people don’t even know it’s there. To date, the main carpal tunnel pain relief products have been ugly wrist braces that simply immobilize the entire hand and wrist. They don’t solve the problem, but they do always stand out. Moreover, they’re always cumbersome, unsightly, and unprofessional looking.

The Executive Vice President at Carpal Aid, Ilan Nouvahian, says “We knew things were going to change for corporate America when we launched the Carpal AID pain relief patch, and they have.”

Mr. Nouvahian continues… “Where you’ll always see our competitors doing the same old thing, we wanted to make it easier for corporate and industrial employees to get back to work, with a solution that truly functions, in addition to being more aesthetically pleasing. Carpal AID allows people to maintain a professional image and manage their symptoms too. We do this because we know corporate America – and industry too – places a lot of demands on its people. Just as we can’t necessarily call it a day because of a headache, so we take some aspirin, we can now keep up with our workload and not have to live with the pain, numbness, and other symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. We always knew Carpal AID was going to be a huge benefit to our corporate and industrial customers. It saves time and energy by getting directly to the source of the problem and correcting it, and it also saves the embarrassment of a cumbersome and unsightly wrist brace. Carpal AID is discreet so you can stay focused on your project, not on your immobilized hand.”

Carpal AID has always aimed to make their carpal tunnel symptom relief patch as common in corporate medicine cabinets as aspirin and Band-Aids are now, and over the last several years, that dream has become a reality.

The closest thing to the patented Carpal AID pain relief patch is the standard black wrist brace with velcro straps that’s commonly found in office environments and factory jobs across the nation. Much of the time these unsightly contraptions don’t even work, plus they immobilize the entire wrist, making it that much more difficult to complete the task at hand.

But the patented Carpal AID pain relief patch improved on this design, in every way. It’s more attractive and more effective too. Clinically-proven Carpal AID is applied only to the palm, right where the source of the pain, numbness, and tingling is, allowing it to simply relieve pressure by lifting the soft tissue of the skin and releasing the pressure caused to the median nerve which is all the carpal tunnel needs: a little space. This, coupled with the fact that it’s drug-free and non-invasive is enough to make Carpal Aid’s innovative and practical solution extremely popular with customers in the corporate and industrial space.

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