Carolina Buyer’s Agent At The Forefront Of Home Buyer Representation

Carolina Buyer's Agent has been recognized as being a front runner in home buyer representation. More information can be found at

Carolina Buyer’s Agent, a Real Estate Buyer’s Broker in the Charlotte, NC area, has long been recognized as a front runner in the Charlotte real estate sub-specialty of home buyer representation.

Carolina Buyer’s Agent has been working with Charlotte home buyers for over 19 years and competes against notable businesses such as Saavy + Company and ReMax Executive. They have been able to make a lasting impression on the market and gain a reputation for focusing on home buyer representation only, giving buyers the negotiating advantage throughout the home purchase process. They don’t take listings or represent sellers, so their buyer-clients never have to worry about the risk of “Dual or “Designated” agency – the conflict of interest that exists when the buyer agent’s company is also representing the best interests of the seller on the home they want to buy. Julie Tuggle, Carolina Buyer’s Agent’s Broker/Owner spoke about the decisions and motivations that led the business to the level it’s currently reached.

“When Carolina Buyer’s Agent was founded, we wanted to be a company known for protecting the best interests of home buyers on one of the most expensive investments our buyer clients will ever make. One of the biggest challenges we faced was a strong seller’s market after coming out of the 2008 housing market collapse. Fortunately, with some good people behind us, we can ensure that our buyers understand how to protect themselves against the risk of purchasing a property that won’t appraise for the asking price or has undisclosed structural or mechanical problems that are costly to repair. We are able to overcome such obstacles to home ownership in the current market.”

Julie Tuggle also mentioned Carolina Buyer’s Agent’s future plans involving the launch of HomeBuyer Booster. “With HomeBuyer Booster, we’re working with For-Sale-by-Owner sellers on behalf of our buyer clients, and increasing the number of home choices for our buyers without listing a single home! With high demand and low inventory, home buyers are at a big disadvantage, and the old adage “Buyer Beware” is alive and well. We just want to even the playing field and lower the risk for home buyers.”

Carolina Buyer’s Agent plans to maintain its position at the forefront of home buyer representation for years to come, building on its success, finding new ways to serve its community, its clients and the real estate industry at large.

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