Carmel Zionsville Senior High School Photographer Portrait Report Released

The prestigious Indiana photography studio Wyant Photography specializing in creating unique and memorable high school senior pictures, family portraits and children photos released a new report with advice on the best, most flattering colors and patterns to wear for a high school senior photo.

The acclaimed and award winning photography studio Wyant Photography announced the release of a new report with specialist advice and information on the best colors, patterns and clothing to wear for high school senior photos.

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Wyant Photography is a highly decorated, prestigious and renowned photography studio conveniently located around Carmel, Zionsville, Westfield and Fishers, Indiana, just north of Indianapolis, founded by certified Master photographers and International Photographic Hall of Fame inductees, Jim and Louis Wyant, specializing in high school senior pictures, family portraits and children photos.

The popular photography studio with extensive experience creating the most unique, creative, flattering and memorable pictures for high school seniors at both its spacious indoor studio with a ten acre outdoor portrait park or multiple fun and special locations across Indiana, has announced the release of a new report to help high school seniors choose the best colors, patterns and clothing for their sessions.

The newly released video report provides valuable advice on the best clothing colors and patterns to wear for the best and most flattering high school senior photos, from prioritizing muted patterns over more bold or busy patterns like a blue and white striped shirt to not detract and distract from the face and the eyes to the items that best accentuate certain eye or skin tone colors and even how waist line belts ensure a more slender figure.

More portrait tips and advice or information on the premier high school senior sessions provided by Wyant Photography, from classic style indoor and outdoor sessions to lengthier fashion-like photoshoots including friends, family or pets, can requested at 317 663-4798 or consulted through the website link provided above along with multiple galleries, testimonials and the full report on the best colors for high school senior photos, also available at

The Wyant Photography founder, Jim Wyant, explains that “we are one of Indiana’s most award winning studios with an unwavering passion to create amazing images and share the beauty that is life and the world around us. Our sessions for high school seniors are all about creating unique looks and capturing the energy, personality, fun and full range of personal expressions that tell ‘their’ story”.

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