Carmel SEO Web Design Agency Digital Marketing Online Services Launched

JFT Web Marketing, an online marketing agency based in Carmel, Indiana, launched a variety of digital marketing services for local businesses. The company offers fully-customized SEO, web design, and social media marketing services for businesses looking to increase market reach and improve online visibility.

JFT Web Marketing, a digital marketing agency based in Carmel, Indiana, launched a wide range of internet marketing services for local businesses.

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Online marketing has grown tremendously over the past decade, as more and more businesses turn to the internet as a powerful means to reach for potential clients. Up to 90% of all customers have used online reviews or Google searches to find both online and offline businesses, thereby making it important for companies across all industries to develop a solid online presence.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing, as it is through search engines – primarily Google – that most potential clients find online and offline services. Recent traffic studies show that roughly two thirds of all keyword-specific traffic go to the top three search results, with more than 95% of traffic being shared by the first results. The competition for high Google ranking is intense.

Finally, social media has opened new potential markets for online businesses, especially with the large spread of mobile technology. Since social media navigation is one of the most common online activities, developing a solid presence on platforms like Facebook and Twitter is essential.

JFT Web Marketing launched a wide array of online marketing services for businesses looking to leverage the potential of online tools to increase their business success.

The company provides full SEO services, from keyword optimization to backlinking strategies, as well as full on-page html optimization. JFT Web Marketing works closely with its clients in establishing the target keywords, then implements the most effective SEO strategies to develop powerful local rankings.

The Carmel digital marketing agency also provides full web design services, including mobile and cross-platform optimization. This is essential in today’s mobile-dominated online world, as mobile recently surpassed desktop searches.

The company also provides other digital marketing services such as social media campaigns, pay-per-click marketing, online reputation management and more.

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